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Shandong Zhenghong Pastry Bull and Sheep and Sheep Breeding Base is a breeding base designated by Shandong. This base is responsible for transporting dialing meat mutton business to all parts of the country, and assumes the guarantee, introduction, improvement, replacement, breeding,
promotion work, and the farm is the city “farm leader” Demonstration enterprise. Here: Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian and other more than a dozen provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions,
transport a large number of Quality variety.
[Get rich projects] my country’s livestock farming industry is the most stable and developed. But choosing the chart of cattle and sheep into the problem of farmers, because there is too much in Shandong farming cattle and sheep, everyone wants to find a regular farm, but no one knows which of the farms, what documents Of course, it is a regular farm,
But the character is the most important, I think people are really, the manufacturers who have made are really a true regular, in order to truly let farmers rest assured.
[How to choose] 咱 is doing business with people, not to find a regular farm, have a farm with documents, the documents can fake, the character is not, the key is to see what kind of person you look for Shandong farm released a lot of information on the Internet, there is a big bird, there are many birds, and there are many people who are touched fish.
I hope that we will intend to engage in farmers, all the farmers, all the farmers, It is not easy for farmers to make money. Don’t be deceived, come to our farm, first visit, optimistic about my old people, buy seedlings, so as not to have worries! !

On the phone, the price on the Internet is cheap, the person contacting people, it is a waste of time, the phone bill, because you can’t see the real cattle and sheep quality, cattle and sheep is a living thing One one, there is no two kinds of sheep, it is unlike goods, the factory machine has models,
How much is the model, clear code, cattle and sheep must see the real thing, personally choose Buy, whether it is the product, machine or cattle and sheep is quality.
One point price, the price is cheap, the price is cheap, the quality is good, you have to know the buy and store for the money, no one will pay attention to the business of money. , Cattle and sheep have markets like other items.Price, there will be too much difference across the country, please don’t easily be cheap,
so as not to say, I will not say the flower words, brag, and fake, no one will, what is the meaning of this. As we all know, farming industry pigs, chickens are the most unstable market, cattle and sheep farming is not affected by the season, can be raised in four seasons a year. Nowadays, the home of the regular factory is now regular quarantine and epidemic prevention.

Whether it is to use the mountain area to raise the sheep or the plain circle, we want to raise the sheep to make money must be breed in fattening, which is the so-called self-cultivation. What season is the season? It’s not ancient times to eat, now I want to raise sheep, aging to raise sheep,
scientific raised sheep. As long as you choose excellent small sheep, cooperate with enriched raised sheep feed and scientific raised sheep method, when you can raise your sheep all year round, it is a good time to raise sheep. Now the best sheep passenger is Boer Goat and a small tail sheep. Buy a small sheep price at 300 yuan to 1000 yuan,
Buy home can be breached, now the best variety of ewes can produce two nests for a year, 3 or 4 small Lamb, one sheep can be 6 to 8 small lambs. 6 to 8 small lambs, you can reach 100 pounds in 7 months, with the current market price per small lamb can sell 1100 yuan,
can sell more than 6,000 yuan, remove the feed of 30 yuan for one year of the ear And 6 small lambs for half a year of feed 2,000 yuan, such a yol can bring you a pure income of 3,000 yuan a year.

If the 250-400 kg of small beef cattle is raised for 6-7 months. Each cattle needs to cost 2000-3800 yuan meat. The thick feed is 5-8 kg per day, and the calf is reduced. The cow with 1 kg of cow with 1 kg of feed, the average day of feed total cost is around 8 yuan,
Improved beef cattle after 6-7 months can reach 1000 pounds, can sell 11,000 yuan, pure profit every The head cattle is above 5,000 yuan.
For the cultured pseudo, the most concerned factor should not be too low when choosing a farmer’s home, but should be the quality of the family and the quality of the variety and after-sales service.
To this end, “Shandong Zhenghong Pastoral Promotion Base” pushes “triple service guarantee” to build a “satisfaction” platform for farmers. The core triple service guarantee is “pre-sales protection, purchase process protectionCapacity, transportation guarantees “

Among them, the sales guarantee to consult the” Shandong Zhenghong Pastoral “, Zhenghong Pastry guarantees to tell the customer’s true price, not reporting fashion, The problem explained it clearly, not letting customers arrive, so as not to delay value time and money.

Second, “Buy Process Guarantee”, “Shandong Zhenghong Pastoral” will have a livestock and animal husbandry in the whole purchase. Animal Husbandry will introduce the quality and health status of the sheep to the customer according to the actual situation.
Once we find a quality problem in the purchase of cattle and sheep, we will adjust to ensure the quality of our customers.

Third, “Transportation Service Guarantee”, Shandong Zhenghong Pastry provides transportation guaranteed to customers, reaching a certain amount, will implement free shipping home, not to meet the requirements of the company Customers will implement shipping reduction policies.

Generally, 30 Shandong Zhenghong Pastry, 20 cow () 20, Shandong Zhenghong Pastry Company guarantees free shipping to home.

1: Three yuan hybrid cattle 2-3- April 0.90-0.95-1.05 meters 220-300-400 kg 1800-2100-3000 yuan
2: Simmental Cattle 3- 5- June 0.95-1.15- 1.20 meters 280-420-540 kg 2800-3700-4600 yuan
3: Lucy Bull 2-3- April 0.95-1.05- 1.10 meters 200-300 – 400 kg 1800- 2200-3000 yuan
4: Charonley cattle 5-6-7 month 1.05- 1.15- 1.25 meters 450-560-4000 kg 2800-3400-4000 yuan
5: Limuzi cattle 2-4 – June 0.95-1.05-500 kg 240-360-500 pounds 1800-3300-4800 yuan

Field length: Dong He (Secretary of the Village Committee)

Tel: 18375472077

Office Phone: 0537-6788655

Telephone; 15553741335 South Korea (senior animal husbandry)

Address: Jining City, Shandong Province Liangshan County Xu Ji Town Animal Husbandry Development Zone

There are now many fake animal husbandry, tempting customers with low prices! Please pay attention to the majority of farmers, don’t give you a lot of money! One point for the price, buyers don’t think that some companies have cheap, discount, super gift,
After all woolen is in the sheep! There is a line of money, the purchasers should keep calm head, more to inquire about word of mouth, do not listen to the words of the letter, this is cheap price, there is also a way to get your money back. With the price of quality, don’t be cheap.

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