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Once spores in freshwater fish, spore insects tend to cause large-area death, bring huge economic losses, and no medicine can be cured, only to prevent prevention can reduce losses.

The research at home and abroad shows that eucalyptus oil has the effect of killing and removing parasites and insects. Long Changle is made from the import of small leafy eucalyptus essential oils in Australia. It has proven that it can effectively prevent and control spore disease of freshwater aquaculture by 乐 内 内. Moreover, the ingredients of eucalyptus essential oil are safe and non-toxic, easy to biodegradation, no harm to fish, does not affect feeding and growing, non-pollution, and destroy water quality, no drug residue and resistance. . In June 18, he contacted Longchang Le Chang from the local dealer. This new deworming product attracted him, so I started to use it. 2 times each month, each mixed 5 days, one ton of feed plus 1000 grams. By September, many fish ponds in Xuzhou have a spore insects, and there are hundreds of thousands of ponds in a day. Yang Boss’s Tangkou has a lot, although there are several spoons of dead fish, but there is no large area outbreak, and the outbreak period of this radosporic insects is suddenly laid.

Yang boss’s Tangkou, the Tangkou, who appeared in July, and the diagnosis was determined as spore disease, and spore insecticides were used to act, and it played a certain effect. But later, it was found that the fish was slow, and it was slow. Dealer suggested that he uses Le Chang deworm treatment to drive a kill, not injured, but Li Boss believes that it is not as good as traditional insecticides, has not been used, and it has been used in September. The insects have been fully controlled, resulting in a lot of fish to death, causing huge losses.

The high-risk season of spore insects from January to October each year, it is recommended that breeding friends have regularly use music to prevent prevention and reduce losses. Compared with traditional insecticides, Longchang Le Chang has the following advantages: 1, efficient: broad-spectrum insects, use 5-7 days to effectively prevent and control in vivo inside and outside parasites. 2, safety: natural plant components, safe and non-toxic, no damage to the aquatic animals, does not affect feeding and growth, can be used for a long time. 3, environmental protection: eucalyptus essential oil is easy to biodegradation, no drug residues, no water quality, no resistance.
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