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After the autumn, the summer is cold, the weather is slow, and the water temperature will gradually drop below 30 ° C. At this time, the fish disease gradually decreases, and the farmers began to gradually giving fish, and the grassfish and other warm water fish also entered the rapid fattening period. Autumn is both aquatic animals growing, fattening and harvesting important seasons. It is also a key season of aquaculture production management. At this time, it will cause losses, and even cause the pre-work. Therefore, in the autumn water, protect the liver and deworming work, and play an important role in the final farming production and efficiency of the pond. First, the regulation of water quality has undergone more than 4-5 months of breeding production, with the continuous growth of the farmers, the relative density in the pond increases, the unit area load is close to the largest, the water bait, the excrement is large, severely consuming water body Oxygen, which is easy to cause water hypoxia, floating head, or uretiable fish disease, leading to major losses. In this time, the water quality regulation is to be strengthened. First, it is necessary to replace the water or add a new water, a small amount, to reduce the toxic and hazardous substances such as water nitrite to the breeding animal, create a suitable water environment for breeding animals; Second, it is a microbial formulation of splash sprid, photosynthetic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, and EM bacteria, which reduces nitrite, ammonia nitrogen, pH, and causes the harm caused by water. Cool state; again to open an oxygen generator in time, according to the weather, breeding animals, etc., the oxygen generator is hiestally rationally, it is best to boot at 12 o’clock to 2 pm on sunny day, and break the water heat formation. The cycle of the surface and the underlying water makes a well-dissolved oxygen distribution, which can effectively improve the water quality, prevent the floating head, and improve the ability of fish digestion and absorb feed.

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Second, after reasonably fed the autumn, due to the gradual decrease in water temperature, the growth of water temperature is 22-28 ° C The digestive function of the fish gradually returns to the optimal state, which can gradually strengthen the feed of feed, but do not stabilize the amount of indigestion induction of fish to avoid liver disease. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the bait, stick to a small number of times, “four custom” principles, and flexibly grasp the amount of feeding according to the weather, water quality and aquaculture animal, ensuring rapid growth of breeding animals, and does not pollute water quality. After the autumn, due to the energy storage of water animals, the feed factory generally improves the total fat fat 1 to 2%, plusThe fish and other fish and other fish, the farmers are eager to get the fish, the amount of feeding is large, often causes unhealthy phenomena such as liver and gentleness, flowers and green liver. Therefore, it is necessary to add bile acids to the feed, repair damaged liver cells, prevent hepatobiliary syndrome; while bile acids to improve the digestion and use of fat in feed, reduce the bait coefficient, and maintain fish health.

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Third, pest control “white appethel, fish is constantly moving”. From my years of breeding experience and practice, after the autumn, the fish will enter another epidemic season. The season water is suitable, easy to explode wheels, refers to parasites such as nephew, shrimp crab, and stimulate the fish with ordinary insecticides. It will make fish and shrimp in a few days, and it will affect the growth. There is a lot loss of fish and shrimp deaths. Therefore, choose a product that can insect insects and do not harm fish shrimp! Longchang’s ability to produce the music, making it a natural, safe and harmful new insecticide, is a natural, safe and harmless new insecticide. The use of the aquaculture, the use of spore insects in the aquaculture, refers to ring insects, wheelworms, codium, and anchors, etc., using 5-7 days to quickly drive back parasitic inside and outside Insect, thereby restores a healthy state. After deworming, it is recommended to use chlorine hydrogen or iodine preparation to sprinkle with sterilization, prevent the occurrence of bacterial disease after deworming.

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In short, by adopting comprehensive measures such as external water, internal insurance liver and deworming, the aquatic animal can reach a healthy state. After the safety of the autumn, it is difficult to reach the regeneration, and the pioneer is increasing! The article comes from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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