How should I take care of Saint Bernard?

u=4083734455,1262143267&fm=26&gp=0.png In the cold winter, people will want to keep warm. People can open air conditioners, heating, wearing a very thick down jacket to resist cold. What should the pet dog do? What should I keep the cold in the cold winter? For large dogs such as San Bona, how should they take care of the nursing in winter?

The Saint Bernard dog should belong to the cold-resistant pet dog, the body is huge, and the body is full of thick and thick hair. But in cold winter, parents should still do a good job in cold and warm, prevent dogs from getting sick.

In winter, parents should also stick to the Saint Bernard dog to take a walk in the outdoor walk, bring it to outdoors in physical exercise when the weather is comfortable. Don’t keep the dog in the room for a long time. In the morning, when the weather is warm in the afternoon, you can go out, and the bones are under the event.

At home, it is necessary to prepare a spacious and warm sleeping pad for Saint Bona. Placing the dog’s nest in a warm place, pay attention to place the dog’s nest outdoors or ventilate, so it is easy to make the dog with a cool life.

Winter gives St. Bernard dogs to adhere to the hair, of course, the cycle of the bath can be appropriately extended, and according to the actual situation of the dog, it is usually possible to take a shower for 2-3 weeks. In terms of diet, don’t feed some cold frozen foods, those who have raw meat and frozen shrimps in winter will be eliminated.

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