How should Samore comb?

u=1246127795,4249319494&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Samoyed’s most attractive except for the standard friendly “Samoyed smile”, there is also its thick, fluffy, soft, and elegant white hair. Raising Samoyed dogs, must give it a hair in time, so hair can maintain the best state. So, how should Samoye comb, what if Samoy does not love comb?

First, to comb your hair for Samoye, first, you should buy a dedicated comb for dog comb. This is easier to comb, and parents are more convenient. In general, it is a good choice to use a double ladle brush to give the small sag. Because the hair of the small latch is concentrated, this double piglet brush is relatively appropriate. This combination has anti-static nylon hard teeth, surrounded by a slight short boys surround. In the process of combing, it can not only comb it off the fine dust contacted on the hair and the naturally falling hair, and there is a certain massage effect.

Second, give the Samoye comb must pay attention to the method. Parents can comb in the head direction from the tail, and can also be combed from the head to the tail. It is gentle when combing, can’t raise hard. Incidentally entangled hair, start from the hair cutter, a little bit of hair is smooth. When combing small sand, hips, etc.

If Samoyed doesn’t love comb, then parents should think about it, let it slowly accept comb. Of course, this is time, in daily life, you should help the small sausings before the hair. When combing, try to be soft and slow, so that Xiaosa feels the comfort of the comb. Of course, we should cultivate the habit of Samoye comb, or should start cultivation from small. This will not reject the hair after the small latch is long.

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