How should we take care of the old dog?

timg (4).jpg After a dog in the family, it will gradually become old. All breeds of dogs have different life, mainly according to most senior dogs, the head (especially the ear and the lip) hair is ash white and weight loss to determine if the dog is old. Once the dog has an aging sign, you must not disappear and abandon it. It is best to check once every 3-6 months to check it.

Take care of the old dog First, pay attention to feeding: give full nutrient easy to digest food; add a variety of vitamins appropriately; ensure adequate drinking water supply. In addition, dog constipation can add mineral oil or increase crude fibers in the feed.

Pay attention to observe the intestinal and bladder of the dog .. Some senior bodies will cause difficulty in dranification due to prostate hypertrophy or tumors, or cystitis, and incontinence. Timely medical treatment, can have certain improvements.

The body of the body is the first is the problem of bone and joint: dog-shaped dog and weightful old dogs are prone to arthritis and bone disease, making the whole body stiff and inconvenient. If necessary, please give an alcohol to give an abdomen to reduce the pain and inconvenience of the dog. Secondly, the problem of teeth: the old dog may no longer bite the bones or toys, but not often clean the teeth, easy to teeth, even if the veterinarian is removed, it is easy. There is also an eye and ear problem: old dog eye vision and ear listening degradation, its life pace is relatively slow. Please understand your dog is old. When you want to go out or drive, pay attention to whether it is next to it, prevent injury or hurt.

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