How to avoid parasite to the dog’s injury

timg (10).jpg Domestic dog If you infection, you will make the owner more worrying, so in order to prevent these things, as the master should do it, prepared, early prevention, let’s introduce four ways. You can make your dog try to avoid the damage of parasites.

First, away from the park grass

The flea is food for food, can’t be active on the grass, but the flea can be. At the same time, the wandering dogs fidilize play in the grass, put the snack eggs in the grass and other parasites. Dogs play in the grass, will encounter stray cats from time to time, this is a worm egg will move to the dog’s body.

Because the owner tried to play dogs to the grass to play, especially where the wavy animals were often out.

Second, far from the stray dog ​​

Although Xiaobian advocates love to protect the tramped dog, but here is to say that the baby’s baby is often in contact with the stray dog. A very uncomfortable approach, the stray dog ​​has long been outside, there must be parasite, especially fleas, if the close contact, the flea is likely to jump from the wandere dog to his dog.

Third, using an insectomic spray

When the dog is out, the limbs in the dog and the ground are in contact with other dogs. The fart is sprayed with the deworming spray similar to Fu Po. It is also an effective way to resist a parasite. The dog’s nose is very sensitive, so it cannot be sprayed, but other fewer than those who are easy to infect insects can also use deworm spray.

Fourth, the bathing liquid has a payment

For the hateful parasite, we must prevent it, from the beginning of the shower, usually You can buy a multi-effect demonstration soap or the wormic bathing liquid to take a bath, if you kill it, you can’t prevent it. And some more effective demonstration soaps or bathing fluids also have the effect of killing eggs, it is worth choosing.

Several commonly used inductor

1, phenylpropridazoleClass ⒉, imidazolopropothiazole 3, tetrahydrodium 4, zin compound (driven) 5, diiodite powder, tetrachlorethylene

  1. anti-dog heart : 1, sodium thioamide, dichlorophenyl hydrochloride 2, drove microfil tantine (iodonated thiazole oxamine, antimonyol, leftimidazole, Ivoi)
  2. 】 Phawing insecticide: 1, pirazanone 2, dichlorophenol 3, nitrocenic cyodheniphenyl ether
  3. Drug suction drug: 1, nitchlorophenium 2 , Pirazanone
  4. anti-bow-shaped insecticide: 1, ethalamine tendr 2, sulfonamine-added methoxyenamamine
  5. anti-drop Pathogenesis: metronidazole
  6. 1, triazine 1, sulinolide 3, imidazole phenilea.
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