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Immediately entered June, the temperature began to rise. For those who eat chicken, the most difficult time is also coming, because the most worrying thing is the most worrying thing is the heat stress.

I saw the news in the QQ space in the QQ space. It is said that it is a regionalized farm, because suddenly power off in the early morning, causing more than 7,000 broilers to die, the loss is heavy. In fact, there is such a situation, I have seen it many times. For large-scale farms, the use of fan negative pressure ventilation, water curtain is temperaturey, the most important thing is to electricity. The power failure will bring a variety of trouble, especially hot days. Therefore, every large-scale farm must pay special attention to this situation, and prepare a few options for emergency.

The generator set is necessary to prepare, but in some places, the generator set will not be used in a year because of the rare power outage. So it is usually placed there, it will become a display, ignore its existence, not maintenance, not maintenance, not debug, the result suddenly encountered a power outage, the machine turned up, the hand started to debug. However, in the summer, the whole closed chicken house, more than 20 minutes, the chicken group can’t stand. High temperature, the chicken is short, the amount of oxygen is increased, very fast, the chicken will be hypoxia, the heat should be turned to death, the whole army is covered. Wait until it is no longer being treated.
Therefore, there must be an emergency plan. Usually, even if it is not stopped, it is necessary to regularly debug the generator set to ensure that it can work properly in the case of burst. If there is a case where the generator can’t get up, don’t make the motor, you must take a group of chicken. Open all the windows and the door, spray water in the house, and cool down. First keep the life of the chicken group.

I have encountered a boss of a chicken farm. He said that his chicken farm has two sets of generator sets, with professional electricians, it will debug the generator every few days. This is not yet, he also sets the night inspection system, so that the breeder inspects over the chicken house at night to prevent sudden situation. If you are hot days, you have to check it half an hour. He also went to Japan, New Zealand, the United States and other countries to investigate, and found that advanced farms have anti-stop plans and equipment. For example, some are designed to be turned on for ten seconds, the doors and windows are automatically opened, and some are designed in the roof, and automatically landed after ten seconds after power off, and so on.
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In addition to these, we At the usual use of cooling, the use of heat-cooling products, some people are afraid of investing costs, and they are not willing to use the summer medicines, only when the temperature is sharply improved, I think it will use VC. In fact, it is not right, bird illness exchange telephone: 15726200639 Zhang (WeChat is the same number) When the chicken is hot, the body temperature has risen sharply, and the breathing is urgent, and then adding the heat of the heat. It is no longer too late, and there is no big effect. We have to use these drugs in usually, in order to enhance the chicken group to enhance the anti-stress energy, mobilize the immune organs, once in encountering a burst, it will not die. Therefore, it is recommended that you usually use more acid (our company anti-stress).

Sour, cold blood, anti-stress, improve resistance (new packaging)

1, anti-stress effect, due to Weather mutation, transition, fright, immunization, etc., should have prevention and therapeutic effects.
2, improve the body’s immunity.
3, detoxification, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of poisoning caused by various drugs or other factors.
4, promoting wound healing, and can slow the tissue hemorrhagic lesions.
5, heatstroke and dampness, effectively relieve poultry heat stress, reduce heat damage after heat stroke.
6, clear heat and diarrhea, auxiliary therapeutic effect on thermal diseases such as viral diseases. Pulmonary heat bleeding caused by various causes, the upper respiratory tract infection has a good repair effect.
7, improve the quality of the eggshell, reducing the occurrence of white-shell eggs of the egg chicken.

Reducing the density of the feeding is also a good way to prevent thermal stress. According to the standard, the summer can raise 8-10 chickens, we can reduce the 7-8 chickens. Do not calculate the cost of feeding, in fact, it is not much higher, but it can reduce many mortality. Due to the age of the chicken, the more oxygen is not, the temperature is not the main cause of death. More importantly, the air is not circulating, and the oxygen is not sufficient.It is the saying “Pest”. Therefore, we must consciously reduce the density of the feeding, so that each chicken is large, and it can reduce mortality.

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