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How to Be Bender Feed
1 less feeding. Feeding the forage in one time, the sheep is easy to develop problems that pick it into easy plants, causing forage waste. Feed less, save the forage. [2 first thickness. First feeding the rough feed, the sheep will not eat food, then, after the nutrition needs to feed the fine material or excellent pasture. This makes it possible to play the digestive characteristics of the sheep to the crude feed, saving forage.
3 is short. Feeding the sheep after the forage, more than about 20%, especially the thick, hard strand that is less elited or difficult to eat, can be fully utilized, and digestive The rate also improves.
4 rough grass fine. It is used as a crop straw that can be salted, alkalized, ammoniated, or pulverized after mixing the sheep, which can improve the utilization of forage.
5 transformed the bowl. When you have a food trough, you can get the grass outside when you graze, as long as you do it, you can avoid the depth of the sheep in the sheep groove in 40 cm.
Some people will ask, if this, then a mother How much feed does sheep or a meat sheep need? Below I gave you to everyone:
(l) Feed Plan for Male Sheep Adult Mother’s Feed Plan: A variety of feeds needed for one year of adult emelets as follows: dry grass and straw 1,800 kg, silage and green 8,000 kg of feed, 3 600 kg of mixed materials (including 1,800 kg of corn, 600 kg of drums, cooki meal, calcium powder, salt, bone powder, rumen buffer, additive 40 kg), juicy feed 2 500 kg, total 18 000 kg, with an average of 50 kg per day. The actual number of plans should increase the storage loss of about 10% on this basis.
Reatch the mother’s feed plan: the feed requirement of the reserve mother and sheep, the amount of adult mother’s head counts, the equivalent is: sheep (0 1 month old) 4 pneumon L head, Yang Cheng sheep ( 6-year-old age) 2 points, youth sheep (18 months until initial production) L headfrice L head. According to the normal flock structure, the sheep account for 9%, and the beef sheep accounts for 18%, and 13% of youth sheep accounts for 60%, which can be folded into an adult master head according to 84% of the total number of people.
(2) Feed plan of meat sheep and straw: 10,000 kg per year per yearYang Cheng sheep 2000 is 2,500 kg, and the sheep is 500 kg. The fine material is 500 kilograms per year, and the cute is 100 kg, and 400 kg of Yang sheep, 900 kilograms of fattening sheep. Silage Feed: 2,000 kilograms of adult mother, Yang Cheng sheep 1 000 1,500 kilograms, cous 400 a 500 kg. Washing: 2,000 kilograms of adult mother, Yang Cheng sheep 1 000 1,500 kg, sheep 400 a 500 kg, composite premix and calcium, phosphorus need to be calculated according to 2% of the fine.

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