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How can we develop a meat to have better benefits? This is the problem of our peers thinking every day. In Jiaxiang County, Lu Sheng ranking, in fact, in fact, my country’s meat industry has entered the rapid development at the end of the 20th century. There is a production area of ​​North China meat belt, Northeast meat belt, and there is a meat, which can guarantee the batch supply of meat, should have a supply and market, and the industrial system is improved in the provisions of the promotion. However, China’s meat industry has just been deepening the original business consciousness and backward factors, but also competes for high-grade meat. China has become a member of the World Trade Organization, this competition will be more intense.

Some people say that China’s meat is much cheaper than import, not afraid of competition, this is really so true! After importing high-grade meat realizes zero tariff, its difference is reduced and the quality is excellent, and China’s meat is still low If you don’t pass moving? So it is only better than imported goods, it will have a better prospect. To ensure that the meat, the high efficiency must be in accordance with the requirements of the modern meat, 518 farming technology network reminds meat industrialists must master the following points in feeding:

1, meat Sales

The sales channel of the meat is a very important part of the benefits, that is, if you need to be careful before the bonus, you will be clear, where the meat is sold, and the place of consulting How is the price, this is a very critical place. Generally, the meats after the column are sold to some small companies or individual slaughterhouses. The market price is relatively low, so that our farmers’ profits are lowered. Our Jincheng Farm can contact our customers after buying a tale, and is higher than the market price. They are willing to sign a cooperative agreement, which can meet their sources of goods, so that we can guarantee the interests of our farmers.
2, make full use of agricultural and sideline products

The use of agricultural and sideline products should be sufficient. This includes cottonseed cakes (), rapeseed cake (), alcohol, sugar residue, sugar cane, beet slag, peel, etc., is a meat energy and protein feed, which can improve from 5% in fattening rice To 15%, it is impossable to reduce the ratio of grain feed, such as corn, which can reduce breeding costs on a large component.
3, keep adjustment adjustments to market requirementsThe diet formula

Decades in Hong Kong are the main channels of China’s live donkey. In 20 years, the live weight standard has increased from 500 pounds to 800 pounds, but the number of heads has dropped from 200,000 a year to about 60,000. Although the slaughter rate is increased, the level is improved, but the estimated meat production has dropped from 32,000 tons to 16,000 tons. This is the performance of Australia’s quality meat increasingly occupies the performance of the Hong Kong market. The acquisition of the homogens from 300 pounds from 300 pounds from 300 pounds, and there is a small amount of rural, from 300 pounds to 600 pounds, such as fertilizer households are improving, and the daily increased from the past 0.8 kg , Rise to 1.5 pounds. Fast fattening feed formula must change. The number and level of the mesons required by major cities also have huge changes, such as Beijing’s fertilizer hot pot, Shanghai’s roasted rows, Guangzhou’s meat raw materials, all demanded. Because not pursuing the live weight, the small yellow bonus of the South China can also be used, but fattening production of high-grade meat has become an entrepreneurous consensus, the marble pattern of the meat is good, so the fine material proportion of the day is increased from 40% to 75%. Even more. Fertilizer period from 90 days to 140 days, the cost is improved, and the high-tech nutrition is required.

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