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How is Dalian better breeding, aquaculture, how to scientifically manages, Huang Wei is a wide range of aquatic creatures in my country, and the meat contains rich protein. The adults are very suitable for eating, nutritious. In recent years, with the development of the carnet, the development of medicinal value, the breeding of Huaqi has gradually emerged, especially in rural areas with good farming conditions, Huaoqi has become another way of farmers to make money. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the method, it is not difficult to raise the jaundice, so how should we raise this shaku?

1, the pond
If you breeding the jaundice, you must first choose a better pond. Pay attention to a quiet place, then the sun is better. If the soil, it must be the kind of hard soil, then there is a mud layer of about 30 cm in the bottom of the pool, so that it is convenient for the hole.
The depth of the entire pond does not need to be very deep. In addition to the mud layer, the water depth is probably a 30 centimeter, and the depth of the entire pond is within one meter, such a relatively convenient management. In the water, the water is relatively convenient, but the pipeline must do a good job of protection, so as not to escape from the pipeline.
2, put in
If you want the yellowish, it is very important, and the seedlings are very critical. You need to artificially domesticated products with the dark yellow spots, or the golden spots of jaundice, this is The market is the most popular. Also pay attention to the appropriate cultured density, if it is too secret, the growth of the overall of the jaundice is unfavorable. It is best to have a dedicated oxygen generator. If there is no or less oxygen, it is even more unusable.
3, feeding
relatively small, very small yellow eating ability is not very good, it is easy to die, so, especially in the early stage, the jaundice must be managed more carefully. For example, you can feed them to some cockroaches, or other bugs.
Then it is best to have a special feeding stage. If the pond is relatively large, you can build a few more, so they can set up to eat, and develop a law. This platform can be installed in 5cm below the water, and it is more convenient to observe, such as by observing the remaining situation of the feed, then determines how much each feed is fed.
4, management
During the year in May to September, the temperature is suitable, and the yellow squat is very fast. If you want to nourish the yellow squad,Be sure to pay attention to it, such as the situation of eating food, growing. Also pay attention to the management of the water level, keep a relatively stable state, don’t be too deep, water quality needs to be more fresh.
Huang Shu is now being very popular, more and more people who go far, but as long as you pay attention to the scientific management of the above four points, it must also breed jaundice.
Pond Treatment: 1 week before the pond is released, the anti-secting liquid made from the dilution of the biological EM bacteria with 100 ~ 300 times, the chemicals of the biological EM bacteria, which is used for the antibiotic fluid, which is used in the antibiotic fluid, which is used in the antibiotic fluid. Equisounces, sprayed the pond, used to disinfect and purify them. 2.5 liters per acre of water.
Water quality purification: 3 to 10 days prior to stocking, the dilution of the biological EM bacteria with a bio-EM bacteria in the presument. Depending on the water quality, starting 15 days, after a month, the water quality is poor, properly shortening the sprinkle time. It is used in a 15-acre surface (1.5 meters or less).
Pond binder fermentation: According to the pond base, Cui Gome Island Aquaculture Bioengiostera, brown sugar = 500: 1: 1, adding appropriate water, mixing accumulation of 7-14 days.
Take the bait Add: According to 0.2% of the amount, evenly spray it on the bait.
Treatment of animal bait: When feeding fresh animal bait, stir well according to 0.1%.
Disinfection: Decoction of the cultivation tool such as the cultivation tool such as the cultivation tool and fishing nets with 200-500 Double Emperor’s aquaculture.
Aquatic products preservation: use 10 times Cui Island seafood produced fresh living agent, spray aqueous water in the water product every 1-2 days, extend the freshness of the aquatic product, and keep the meter luster.
Cuverong Island Biotechnology is recommended from Japan’s Cui Green Island Seafood Production Preservative, which is made of photorated flora, lactic acid flora, yeast group, Gram-positive amplifier flora, fermentation 5 major categories of flora, more than 80 kinds of beneficial microorganisms. The collection of these genus active principles constitute the principle of the function of the product.
Cuver Island Biological Seafood Production Preservatives, improves the aquatic temporary growth rate! It can improve the activity and quality of life of seafood, which can reduce its mortality in the process, delayLong survival time! This is because the Green Island Biological Preservative agent is a Japanese imported stock solution, a bottle of 100 ml of stock can handle 10 tons of water, and the microorganisms are more beneficial to survive the time.
Seafood produced preservation agent is very simple, a bottle of 100 ml of stock solution, after 1 L of water dilute, directly throwing into the tragedy water body and mix well, in the truth, the more the stock solution is put on Ok, there is no bad impact on seafood products. But invested more, it will cause traumatic costs. Therefore, there is also a good cost-effective question when used.

100 ml of the stock solution, can be used for 10 tons of water (ie 10 cubic meters of water), 100 m7 green island seafood, aquatic yield, bio-preservation agent, 1 liter (2 kg) Water is diluted, can handle 10 tons of water (ie 10 cubic meters of water), one ton of water treatment costs are only 3.8 yuan, which is much cheaper than the price of aquatic preservation products on the market.

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