How to care for dog hair in autumn?

timg (2).jpg Spring and Autumn Two seasons are twice twice a year. In the dry autumn, the dog’s hair will gradually become rich. At this time, the owner needs to care for their hair.

1, take a shower once

Wash the dog once a week, but you can’t wash too much, you have to wash it. Dog bathing, bathing with a dog, do not use people. Many people know that they are bathed to the dog, but there is often no flushing, and the bathing liquid remaining in the hair often makes the dog have skin disease.

2, daily combing hair

For poodles (details introduction), other long hair, at least 5 minutes a day, dredge hair, combing dust, prevent play . In addition, VIP and Bichon, etc. need to be pruning, phenade, etc., it is best to go to the professional dog beauty salon to beautify the professional dog beauty salon.

3, pay attention to the dog grain tonic

Dog tonic, relying on dog food. High quality dog ​​food is enough to give the dog balanced nutrition, which is also a basic must-end of the dog hair. At this season, you can give the dog to eat some imported specialty vermicakes and a nutrients such as hair powder. 4, to be a timely junction

Didn’t find that the male dog you always like to hold your legs? This is normal physiology The phenomenon, the estrus is time. To understand it, touch its head, and make a slight table. Of course, it is best to go to a professional pet hospital for a small surgery.

5, pay attention to the dog warm

Autumn, the morning and evening temperature difference. Young people under Many Sherries should keep warm, to give it a block, add towels. Of course, the cotton nest of the puppy is also prepared.

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