How to care for the teeth of Saint Bernard

QQ截图20201204101720.jpg The oral problem can not be underestimated, whether it is a person or a pet dog, there may be oral problems. The situation in which bad breath, the teeth are yellow, while the serious oral problem can lead to oral diseases, affecting normal appetite, and affects the health and growth of life. In the process of raising the Saint Bernard, you must also give it to brush your teeth in time to help it clean your mouth and do your teeth care.

Nursing St. Bernard dog’s teeth, the most important method is to brush it to brush it, clean the mouth, tartar in the mouth. Moreover, training St. Bernard dog should start from childhood, from a small cultivation of dogs to brush your teeth, let it grow up, and better protect the mouth.

Brushes St. Bernard, first of all, you should find a way to stabilize its emotions, so that it can be kept when you brush your teeth. Imagine that the Saint Bernard can be a “big object”, the body is much large, if it is not a wishful brushing, parents want to brush their teeth is also a more difficult thing. Therefore, it is very important to accept brushing from the small training of the Saint Bernard.

When the St. Bernard dog is brushing, you can choose to use a soft gauze, wrap it to clean your teeth in your own injury. After the dog receives the brushing teeth, you can use a professional pet toothbrush to brush your teeth for it. These dogs brushing the teeth are easy to buy, and the general pet store will have. Note that if the conditions, time allows, it is best to stick to 3 times a week. In addition to keeping your pet dog to keep your mouth health, you must pay attention to scientific diet in your daily life. For example, preparing some crisp foods for dogs, so that you can better reduce the residue of adhesive food on the gum. In addition, you can prepare some bite, bits, and teeth, and can wear the teeth of the dog. It can achieve the role of cleaning tooth, the role of tartar. .

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