How to carefully born little milk cat

timg (1).jpg How to feed the kitten is very fragile, and they have too much uncomfortable for this new environment. It is easy to be affected by the external environment, cold, diarrhea, diarrhea, etc. are all often occurring. For parents, the new born kittens requires special care.

For a few days of parents, in addition to breastfeeding, the parents of breasts also need to prepare some suitable pet milk powder, which is given to the young cat. The newly born young cats need to feed once every 2-3 hours, and during the time you need to help the cat excreted once.

It is to be noted that the newly born young cats don’t pee themselves, they need to stimulate the kitten with the mother cat with the tongue. Therefore, when you raise your parents, your parents can imitate the action of the mother, using a cotton swab or rubbing a group of paper towels to gently wipe the kitten ass, stimulate the young cat excretion.

Genborn kittens, parents need to provide them with warm, comfortable cat. Especially in cold winter, we must do a good job in cold and warm. And after the birth of the child, you must refuse the contact of strangers, give them a quiet and comfortable environment, which is a very important guarantee for their health.

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