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Nursing cattle has a technology, the choice of cattle is also the same, the choosable cow is before, each The industry is paying attention to methods and techniques, blind and ignorant, and it will make us suffer from too self-confidence. Experience tells us that choosing cattle skills need to know more. How to choose a calf, how to choose a beef calf? How to choose a healthy calf? Xiaobian will start from these aspects: 1. Look at the dynamics, healthy beef calf, no matter the food or rest, often gather together, more time to rest Half-side lying motion, people stand close to immediately. When the sick cow moves, it is often behind the group of cattle, is happy, and there is a variety of abnormal lying. 2, watch the eye, the healthy beef cattle is flexible, bright, clean and humid. The sick beef is not afraid. 3, watch the color, healthy beef calf is cleaner, gloss, elastic. The sick burdock was gone with Mao Shi. 4, seeing the feces, healthy beef calf is generally small spherical and dry, and the cow feces that feed the fine can be soft, no odor; the urine is bright and colorless or slightly yellow. Disease cattle or thin or hard, even stop bow capacity, urine yellow, or less blood. 5, look at the food, observe the feeding status of the beef calf, fast food, more suitable, rution, fast absorption, fast. 6. I have a tongue, a healthy meat beef oral mucosa is light red, no stench. The oral mucosa is fallen, and there is a smell of okay. The healthy beef tongue is pink and shiny, flexible, and the tongue is normal. The sick cattle tongue is not flexible, weak weakness, thin tongue, and thick and thick light. 7. Look at the bovine ear, the healthy beef cattle is often erected and flexible. The sick beef is low and the ear does not shake. T01BC2E9C08DB3F2E9F.JPG

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Side lying posture, how, dynamic, lustrous, yellow

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