How to choose a molar stick for a dog

u=891872446,3402022343&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Dog dogs will start biting furniture, molar, and parents should bother their teeth, how do you choose a good dog’s dog to bite and molars?

The choice of dog bite and molar bone

First talk about the problem of choice dog bite and molars bone, the problem is not available Take a closer, too big dogs are inconvenient, too small dogs are easy to swallow, like dogs, and will pay for dogs. It is said that the hardness problem, the dog’s teeth are hard, but the gum is the meat. If you choose a hard dog, you will find that the dog can completely let them don’t take care of them, and sometimes the gums are still.

The dog should be held in the dog bite and the molar bone

When the dog is in the dog, it is relatively quiet. Time, dogs will not be able to play with you, but you can’t make great efforts, you will not always look at it. If there is a case where the gums mentioned above are bleeding, don’t let it smash, at least let it take a break, so as not to hurt the gums. In addition, when the dog bite and the molar bone are very small, it is necessary to confiscate this good thing, because it is likely to be chewed and choose directly to swallow.

White dog don’t buy a colored dog bite

If you want to pay attention not to choose a colorful dog bite and grinding bone: This is experience Talking, my family is Dangdang, I bought a red grinding bone in the past few days. People use two front claws to hug, and later two front legs make red, very It is easy to wash away.

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