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The author engaged in the sales of pigs for more than ten years, and the number of pigs selected for the customer is between 2000-3000, but what is the backup is a good kind of pig? How to make the porcine among the pigs selected at 8-10%? In fact, there is still some tricks in the scene of choosing a pig.

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Modern large-scale pig farm design Selective pig corridors, can generally make customers sitting or do not bend the whole picture of the pig. Pig selection venue generally requires 40cm higher than the piggy corridor. This makes it easy to choose pigs to observe the sows of the sows and the external genitals. In addition, the rays of the selection site are bright, preferably sunny, the pig, the brightness is at least 700LX, otherwise, it is quite tired if you choose more than 100 kinds of pigs. The selection criteria of the ancestral or binary sow is usually determined from the following six aspects: L body type / overall appearance L body weight / day age L leg L, tail L external reproductive organ L nipple L body type / overall appearance

From both sides, the nose and the lower amount need to be straight, the whole body is no pustule, mane curl or unevenness is generally not based on the pigs. If the body waist is like a bow-shaped, collapse should be eliminated; if there is a paradis, it should be eliminated. At present, the new legal system has basically 6.25% of Mei Mountain pigs, so there is a small amount of copper piggy in the sow or boar. It is not a variety of non-pureness. It belongs to normal.

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L body weight / day age

The weight of the pigs sold in China is generally about 50 kg. The same age is the same but the weight is obviously less eliminated by other pigs. If the selection group is within 25, the birthday difference should not exceed 17 days; the selection group is more than 25The age difference should not exceed 25 days. Generally, we choose the seed pigs in the age of 120. This makes it easy to go back and have an isolated domestication and vaccination work, and the maximum weight should not exceed 70kg.

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The status of a pig leg is an important factor affecting the use of pigs. Therefore, the pigs selling the legs should be normal and strong. If there are one of the following typical problems, it is not optional as a pig.

1. Bending legs – Due to the leading legs or foot flat, the trend of “flip” is exhibited when the pig is walking.

2. The hind legs are weak – the hind legs are “outside eight characters”, usually the pigs walking around the big hips and easy to slip.

3. Walking gesture stiff – usually caused by the front leg. 4. Nunction-leg nodules should be eliminated:

A: Nonjet is clearly available, indicating that it has been infected.
B: Normally inflammation or redness.
C: The nodules are too large or ugly.
D: There is a hole in the nodes.
5. Picea – usually appears in the front leg. If the pus is soft, red and swollen, the shape should be eliminated when the shape is larger than the grape.
6. Inner side toe – especially for the back of the foot, shaking when the pig walks is generally caused by the toes.
7. Front hooves – If the front leg and the hoof are not tight, or if there is a collapsed mousse, the hanging hire is eliminated.

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l Ear and Tail

1. Wrinkles – generally do not act as the elimination basis. IfThe two ears are all wrinkles or ear have been infected.
2. Bite – If the bite is not serious, the pig that has healed in the ear should only be selected. However, the bite is serious, and it is not selected for the recent bite.
3. Ear pins – ear thorn unclear, if it is pure, don’t choose, because the pig’s pedigree may not be clear; if you pick it back, just do hybrid, it is Selected.
4. The tail length – the best tail of the sow is just to cover the pussy. The tail does not act as a selection basis, and the tail pigs may appear ugly, minimize the tail pig, but can be used.
5. Bite – Many bite-tail, even after healing, it also shows signs of infection. Only no infected bite pigs can be selected.
When the pig is selected by the appearance, the mother is sexually traits it.

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LOrnrogue organ

1. No anal – carefully check the pig’s pareh, make sure the sow has two openings. Some pigs can not find the anus, and sometimes it can see that the pig is only in the pussy, and it should be ensured.

2. Misrial – sometimes difficult to check. Generally, the zone is turned up, and a small sheath is long, if inspecting the interior of the yin, it can discover a small penis at the same time. It should be eliminated. 3. Small pussy – this situation is very small, but the pussy should be eliminated.
4. Binar damage – this situation is rare, but should pay close attention. The dying of the pussy is usually all or partially grinded, which will affect normal mating and eliminate. If only a small portion is only grinding, there is no big problem.
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The effective nipple of modern rear sows should be 14, at least 12. The nipple can be divided into five types: normal, flip type, flat, smooth, nail type. Only normal and partial smooth can be used as an effective nipple.

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1. Normal type – It is difficult to describe but it is easy to detect. Normal nipples are adequately developed and there is no external tissue damage, distribution is uniform, consistent, long length, bell, can be grasped by hand without slipping from fingers. 2. Flip type – all flip and partial flip. All flip is usually filled with nipples in the abdomen and flipped into the skin, forming a depression type. It feels like a fibrous button when you grab. This type should be calculated as a bumper. Partially flipped nipples have a wrinkle, which is not as serious as all, highlighting the abdomen and finds its specific location.

3. Flat type – appearance is flat, mainly affects the front nipple, the first and second pairs of most obvious. They are mainly caused by wear shortness. The nipples in the rear should also be carefully examined. Since the damage of this nipple is permanent, they are inactive nipples.

4. Sliding – This nipple has a small ring around it, the shape is not easy to describe, it looks like a person’s finger through a hole. If the top of the nipple can clearly see from the annular tissue, it should be used as an effective nipple. When it is uncertain, we should try to grab the nipple with your fingers. If you can catch and pull up, calculate a valid nipple; if you slip your fingers, it is calculated as an odorless nipple.

Selection ratio

The selection ratio of the rear-back sow is 65%. The mass condition according to a particular pig can fluctuate between 60% to 70%.
When choosing a pig, rely on your feelings and experience, I think the first impression is important.
Author: Shi Zengbin Source: pig professional managers

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