How to choose a suitable dog’s nest for your dog in winter?

src=http___image5.suning.cn_uimg_b2c_newcatentries_0000000000-000000000833530529_1_800x800.jpg&refer=http___image5.suning.jpg With the decline in temperature, have you noticed that your dog is no longer breathing on the floor, is it started to give you a variety of please, ask for hugging and even in your legs Sleep, don’t doubt, take out the dog’s winter cotton nest, the dog needs a warm dog nest.

Just enter a pet shop, the dog’s cotton nest for dogs can be described as a dazzling. Is it not to get started? Some owners may let the dogs will pick it up, see what they like, what they like? of. In fact, picking a dog’s nest or a certain technique, how to choose in numerous styles – the most suitable for your dog’s nest, let’s tell you.

First, the dog’s nest material

Dog nests have a variety of, cotton, acrylic, fluff, etc., for curl and long drones, It is better to choose a dog nest of cotton or blend fabric (but the pure natural material content), because the dog’s nest of natural fabrics is not easy to produce static electricity, the dog is inserted inside, dog hair is not easy to knot. For young or not trained dogs, you can use the small nest of acrylic or suede, compared to cotton fabrics, and the cotton fabric is more easy to wash, and the fluff is very warm and comfortable. The relative price is also low, and the price is relatively high.

Second, the dog’s nest size

Before buying the dog’s nest, the most important thing is to understand their dog’s body. In general, the choice is more suitable than the bitch of the dog size of 2 to 3 times (accurately measured by the dog straight). Some dog owners believe that the less the nest is, the more warm, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, and the nest will only make the dog uncomfortable, especially for the puppy, the prepared dog nest should be big enough, let it be It stands inside, turned and lie down, and there is a good ventilation, so the dog will be more comfortable when the dog is resting, and there is a spirit after waking up. If it is not sure, it is recommended that it is best to buy a dog together.

Third, the dog’s nest detail

Now in the dog’s nest, designers are getting higher and higher for details, so the dog nest on the market is not only The function is diverse, the appearance is getting more beautiful, such as some dog’s nest, in addition to the cotton material, the following is also matched, can achieve waterproof effect, once the cotton pad is wet orIt is blurred by the dog, as long as the cotton pad is properly cleaned, it is very convenient. And some small nests are slightly depressed in the middle of the design, which is to make the dog sleep more stable. There is also a small nest that can be both a dog’s nest, but also to the dog as a sleeping bag, a nest.

In addition to the details of the details, the design of the dog’s nest in the shape is also rich in shape, such as some dog nests are designed into various cartoon styles, such as fruit type, animal type, flowers, etc. It is almost a lovely “artwork” in home.

Fourth, dog’s nest style

The style of dog nests in the market is roughly divided into two types: semi-closed and open. Open-open can also be called dog sofas, more suitable for large dogs, while semi-closed dog nests are more suitable for smaller body, less hair, older dogs. 53] Five, dog nest security

For puppies, training it sleeping dog nest is an essential class, know if it is deficient Training, many dogs will not sleep even when they are still sleeping in adults, which will not only be unfavorable to family hygiene, not good for dog etiquette training. And the training dog sleeps must start from the puppies. When the puppies play back from the outside, or when they are enough to sleep, the owner can take it to the dog house, and use her hand to go in, while using your habit language Send a command.

Once it is executed, you have to give it an appropriate praise and softly touch it. Conversely, if the dog does not accept the order, the owner can add a call, and push the dog to the dog’s nest with hands. The owner can take a while from the dog’s nest, until the puppies leave after falling asleep. Usually, once the dog is found to sleep elsewhere, the owner should stop in time, so after a period of training, the dog will develop the habit of sleeping the dog’s nest.

In addition, for the poor dog, change “new nest” is also a problem that makes the owner’s headache. This kind of dog just has a new nest, usually does not want to sleep new nest, at this time You can try to put things with it like it such as: mat, clothes, toys, etc., so that it can attract it back to “home”. There are also many dogs just have new nests, always like to bite this nest, it is actually familiar with this nest, but if you are not careful, it may be broken by it. So, just openedYou should put a toy in the new nest, so the dog will not bite his mouth.

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