How to choose from chickens

Everyone knows that winter chickens are easy to catch cold. It is often a convenient meal. Chicken flooding, there is no spirit, we are very headache. Today, let’s talk about the use of antipyretics?

The antipyuts commonly used in the chickens are Nai Nai, and the heat-saving pain, Xiaochai Oral Liquid, and the calcium calcium.

From the pharmacology, Kabapi Lin calcium is a dedicated antipyretic drug, which is more secure. Because Kapa Piolin only Jiang high temperature, it will not reduce the normal body temperature of the chicken. And reasonable medications do not produce immunosuppression. So the Kabapiolin is the preferred product of the chicken and retreat.

Then Xiaochaihu, the anticides have a stable fever, do not repeat, no side effects, fundamentally anegate. Xiaochaihu has a neat, anti-inflammatory, and enhances immunity.

Second, the heat-action pain is a relatively common antipyretic used in the chickens. It is relatively safe, fast, and small side effects.

The last is An Nai. An Nai’s nearest afterturbation is relatively fast, but it is easy to repeated, it is not good for liver and kidney, affecting the feeding capacity.

Everyone must choose different German antipyretics according to the actual situation of the chicken group. Li Chen suggested first, Kabapilla calcium, followed by Xiaochai Oral.

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