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Circulating aquaculture water pump selection, according to the circulating water process, in accordance with the water supply and drainage requirements.
Generally, we are considered from five aspects, both traffic, torrent, liquid properties, pipeline arrangement, and operating operation conditions.
First, the flow
When we design a circulating aquaculture system, we account for normal, minimum, maximum of three flows; when choosing a water pump, usually as a basis for the maximum flow.
Second, the rig
The rig is important performance data of the chip pump. The size of the pump depends on the structure of the pump (such as the size of the impeller diameter, the curvature of the blade, the speed, etc.), and the water pump routine is approximately 1.15 ~ 1.20 times the water supply height, such as a certain amount of water source to 20 meters, and the required routing is approximately 23 to 24 meters.
Our company’s ZH-RAS circulating water breeding system, due to the distance of the equipment and the water, the equipment has a water pump is between about 2-3 meters, so the water pump of the Tirogram 5-10m is generally metatively satisfied.
Third, liquid properties
Liquid medium is the liquid separation to be transmitted because different liquid temperatures, viscosity, mass, and density are different, so the material of the water pump and the shaft seal form are different.
Four, Pipeline Arrangement
The pipeline arrangement of the device system refers to the delivery liquid to the liquid supply distance, sucks some data and pipeline specifications such as the highest liquid surface on the side, the discharge side, and Its length, material, pipe fittings, quantities, etc., to perform a checking for the tie rope calculation and the vaporization of the air condition.
V. Operating conditions
The operating conditions have a lot of content, altitude, ambient temperature, gap or continuous operation, the position of the pump is fixed or removable is needed.

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