How to choose healthy happy?

timg (8).jpg Xili Shepiki originated in Scotland, due to the origin of the original Shetland Sheepdog, referred to as shelti (Maxi). In ancient times, the happy shepherd dog is a very good shepherd, cold, physical strength, wide vision, faithful, smart, reliable, very wide range of use. The history of Mentie Shepier has had a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the most popular dogs in Japan, which is mainly distributed in Britain and North America. It is believed that it is mating by the Scottish Keley dog ​​and the partner of the Northern Europe; and some people think that the Joyi Shepier originated from the Charles Wang Xiaoyu.

The family who raises Xipi, there are many families, and when walking every community, I will see a few happy portions to be bending by their respective owners. Menti is very similar to the Scottish Shepherd, but the body is slightly smaller than the Suplemei dog. And the character is cheerful and smart, the shape is also beautiful and fashionable, so it is loved by many people. Of course, to start raising a healthy happy joy, then the first step should still be known, how to pick a healthy Maxi method.

First step, you must first understand the related knowledge of happy.

Whether it is from Baidu, or as an experienced friend. Before intending to raise Xipi, you must make a comprehensive understanding of this dog. Look at whether you are suitable for feeding, and the knowledge and methods of feeding pet dogs should also learn more. Determine if you can do your job about the daily maintenance of the dog, such as combing hair every day, regular brushing bath, and so on. If you are not sure you can stick, then don’t blindly start to raise your happy.

Step 2, if you have to raise Xipi, then after understanding its dog’s related knowledge and maintenance knowledge.

You have to start understanding the market situation of dog trafficking. To pick out a few reputation, the quality and guarantees of the joyful breeding base (or professional family breeding). After comparison, choose the most suitable, guaranteed breeding base, choose health and the happy intention. Note that if you don’t know much about the dog market, you can ask yourself to accompany yourself when you choose.

It is worth noting that you have to choose a healthy and high-quality joy. ParentsIt is also necessary to have a detailed understanding of this dog’s characteristics. For example, the standard happy tip is long, and its character is characterized. In addition to see if you want to look at the criteria when you choose to see if you meet the standards. In this way, you can touch the body of Xiaoji, observe its excretion, see if the dog’s changes in the outside world are vigilant, you can also use food to lure joy, look at its reaction to things (changing). Then pick a healthy and high-quality joybeather from it.

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