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Young rabbit premix

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Note: This product is packaged for minimum packaging, the minimum need for the minimum need for 1 piece, the product is not unbacked, please seek clear before shooting.

In addition, due to the appearance of counterfeit products in this product market, everyone pays attention to prevention, and the rabbit has implemented QR code packaging through the whole process of the rabbit, and it can be scanned through veterinary drug information network, or through the Henan Animal Husbandry Bureau Law Enforcement Corps website can be inquired. Each batch is uniquely encoded. If it is found that it is also welcome to feedback in time, the company will reward your feedback. About shipping: This product freight company will not be bored, and the customer will bear the freight, the specific amount is based on the actual delivery logistics company, the freight is to pay. If you have any questions, please call the factory customer service number: 0371-55033538
A lot of 2% rex rabbit premix

[General name] rabbit composite premixed feed (ZBY29)
[ingredient composition] Vitamin, trace elements, amino acids, active polypeptides, microecodes, compound enzymes, composite immunoactive polysaccharides, etc.
[Main function] 1, effectively supplement the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and other substances in the diet. Protect meat rabbits, rex rabbits, regulate body metabolism, improve immunity and feed conversion. Improve appetite and improve digestive function, maintain nutrient digestion and absorption, improve feed conversion and utilization.
2, safeguarding the normal functionalization of the immune system, promoting the immune organ to generate an immune response, relieve immunosuppression, increase rabbits, improve the body antibody titer, ensure the stability of the rabbit group; effectively prevent various bacteria toxic infections, mold toxin poisoning Wait.
3, deodorization, reduce the ammonia gas, purify the air, improve the in vivo environment, reduce the production capacity barriers caused by environmental degradation, effectively prevent the appearance of fighting bite, etc. (aiomiscies).
4, effectively prevent stress caused by various reasons such as vaccination, transition, transportation, weather changes.
5, supplement the nutrients required for rabbits, promote production performance, and improve reproductive efficiency.
6, this product is pure greenProducts, excluding any antibiotics, long-term use, is a new era, the new concept of new ideas, the new concept of raising rabits, is also the premise of the long-term benign development and thriving of the rabbit farm.
Usage and Dosage] This product is 100 pounds.
[Precautions] Add to ensure that the mix is ​​uniform when the mix is ​​mixed.
[Packaging Specifications] 1000g / bag x20 bag / piece
[Storage] sealed, moisture storage in a cool dry place.

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