How to clean your pet?

u=4048257165,374738116&fm=26&gp=0.jpg For sanitation, you like to take a shower for them. But in fact, the Mao’s hair should not be washed frequently, because the water is washed too frequently leads to natural oil on the pet, so that the hair is losing gloss and destroying the milky, and the hair is broken and falls off. In fact, maintaining pet hygiene can also take dry cleaning methods.

The owner of the cat dog can be carried out for them in the home, preferably use special pet dry cleaning and dry cleaning powder in veterinary clinic or pet store, and is carried out. It is also possible to replace the talcum powder for general conditioners and children.

The method is to first dilute the conditioner (flavorful) with water, pour it into the watering can, and spray it from about 20 cm from the surface of the surface. Pay attention to avoid your eyes, nose and ears, first use your hand to make the hair roll hair, then spray the outer layer hair, then use the hair brush to comb it once, then sprinkle the hot body powder, be careful not to sprinkle too much And avoid sprinkling into the eyes of the cat, mouth, nasal, etc., and finally use the secret comb to comb.

In addition, the owner of the cat dog should develop a habit of pet combing daily, this is especially important for hairy pets. Daily comb is actually a dry cleaning method, combing can both promote blood circulation, making pet’s fur more healthy, but also enhances contact with the owner, maintaining more intimate relationship.

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