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As the country attaches great importance to the farming industry, many people have started a farming industry. With the development of technology, today’s farming facilities have also perfected a lot. In the summer, in order to prevent cattle heat stroke, the farmers are mounted and fanned to the Nest. In the following, China Agricultural Based on Monochrome will introduce you to the sprinkler system and fan.
The spray system uses a wet sprayed manner that makes a certain size of the water beads directly sprayed on the dairy body, and the water beads will penetrate the cow, the smell of the cattle, and then stop spraying. Effective operation of the wide fan will make the cow in the next spraying money almost volatilize the moisture on the cattle. The water volatile will take a large amount of cow body heat, and this to achieve the effect of cooling, so that it is repeated, give cows Summer cooling. The sprinkler system is divided into three kinds of manual, automatic and inductive, induction can be downtown, not only can save water. It can also achieve the purpose of cooling the cow. At present, inductive spray is widely used in major pastures.
The cattle expert passes a large number of experimental verification, and the way to use spray + fan can be better to cool down.
The diameter of the large fan of Zhongnong base industry is 7.3 meters, the effective effect area reaches 1000 square meters, easy to clean, low noise, less power consumption, low maintenance cost, long service life, high cost performance.
Tips: Summer cattle, cattle is very easy to heat, so in the summer, we must give the cows and fumes to achieve the purpose of cooling the cattle. To avoid huge economic losses from the high temperature to the cattle.

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