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Pig joint

In recent, there is a pig household to ask, pigs have no fight, trauma, but pigs are swollen, and there is exudation liquid after the skin, and some pigs have high fever, this What is the original cause? We have initially identified as pig arthritis. Bacterial infections are the main cause of arthritis, while Amia and Streptococcus are important pathogens that cause this condition. Today, we will explore the treatment method on the problem of pig jointitis.

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Usually, once there is a lames, antibacterial treatment should be used. Most Pig Vioemophilus and Streptococcus are sensitive to ampicillin, cephalosporin, tetracycline, synergistic sulfides. One or joint medication is selected to perform muscle injection or intravenous injection.
Because of phyttyl pylori, it is resistant to penicillin without penicillin. The cell bacteria is extremely relatively resistant. Therefore, the treatment dose is sufficient during treatment, and the course of treatment is complete, and the wheel displacement and joint medication can be considered.

At the same time, while the body is administered, the secting cavity is injected with penicillin. When the joint cavity is injected, the micro-curved joint is perpendicular to the needle, and the hand feels no block, and the drug can be injected when the needle is 1 ~ 2 cm. For a volatile bacteria artisan, it can be disinfected with pus, extruded pus, partial iodine, 75% alcohol and other disinfection.

In addition, in the pig house with 5% carbonaceous acid, 2% formalin can kill streptococci in 10 minutes, improve the feeding environment, reduce density, strengthen ventilation, reduce stress, and improve animal body. Immunogenesis, reducing the chances of porcine infection bacteria.

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