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[size = 3EM] “In the face of government behavior, we are all vulnerable groups, but even so, we must do our best to keep our legal rights! Environmental demolition has been started, and some areas are not divided into green soaked. The bigger suffering is still our hard farmers, so we must learn how to protect our legitimate rights!

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1 Implementation of the statutory procedures (1) basis Before the Administrative Mandatory Law, Article 35, the administrative organs should be prior prior to implement their obligations before the implementation of the implementation decision. The routine should be made in writing, and it will be described in writing: 1. Performance of the obligation; 2. Performing obligations; 3, involving money payment, should have a clear amount and payment method; 4, the parties enjoy the statement Right and defense. “Article 36” The parties have the right to state and defense after receiving the revision. The administrative organ should fully listen to the opinions of the parties, and the facts, reasons and evidence proposed by the parties shall be recorded and reviewed. The administrative organs shall adopt the administrative organs. “Article 37” is invoified that the parties will not perform administrative decisions overdue, and there is no justified reason, the administrative organs can make a mandatory decision. 2 Facing a measures for demolition 1. If the evidence has to face the illegal demolition of the demolition party, then a thing that must be done is to reserve evidence, that is, by taking pictures, video or even notarized the status quo of farm. If it is demolished, it is more meaningful to reserve the evidence of related items such as factory, machinery and equipment. Only in time is well-made, we can not panic at the moment when you encounter illegal demolition. When you can alarm to the police, there is a weight that makes the police have to file the case. 2. Do not retreat, stick to the demolished farmers who have been demolished, and immediately think that I have no ability and government confrontation. Once I have a strong demolition, the loss will inevitably, so I will move things.Move it first. In fact, this is wrong, this will release a signal to the demolition party, our psychological tolerance has reached the bottom line, we don’t have the courage to resist it. In the case of a lawyer agent, there was this situation, and more than 20 households were left. I have been posted for demolition notice. Most of them have moved things that they can move at home after they see the money. As a result, these households face more fierce psychological offensive, or quickly compromise, the price has not risen, and then sign the agreement, or the end is really demolished. 3. Report complaints for the subject of illegal demolition, find the relevant administrative department, report to them to reflect the problem, and require these government departments to fulfill the responsibilities of supervision. Report complaints should be delivered in the way of letters. Once this regulatory authorities do not fulfill the law of supervision responsibilities, we can withhold the relevant legal proceedings for rights protection. 4. Repeated alarm If the illegal demolition is really coming, under the premise of guaranteeing the safety of the person, pay the 110 telephone alarm, and ask the police to protect the safety of the civil property, if the police are too late, you can For the police, there is no complaint to the public security supervision department. Conclusion

We don’t do violation of national policies, but never do individual local governments inability to replace lambs, environmental protection needs, but farming is innocent, environmental protection is a good thing, but to ensure that our legal interests are not Damage, not simple and rude!

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