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Most of the mother pigs in the expected date of birth will be normal delivery. However, after some efforts, there is still a pig output, and we will be difficult to produce this situation.

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Difficult judgment Standard

The sow has amniotic fluid discharge, and there is still no piglet output or the production of food is more than 1 hour after he is strongly worried. .
The cause of the sows
Generally there is a sow pelvic stenosis, the fetus is too large, the fetal position is not correct, the sow processes are weak.
1, pelvic stenosis

Pelvic stenosis is common in initial production sows, which is due to the difficulty of producing the innate cause of the sow, it is too large.
For such a sow, we recommend the postpartum disruption treatment.
Because if the first child is more difficult to produce, then the subsequent second child, the triple is basically difficult, which means she is unlikely to produce sows.
2, the difficulty of the abdomen in the abdomen

The difficulty of excessive fetus in the abdomen can be seen in the initial production of the sow, and this is generally due to the sow. The mid-term adjustment of the mid-stage pregnant sow is not in place, and the later supply is made of no feet.

As we all know, the later feeding is mainly supplying fetus growth. Under normal circumstances, we also have a lot of sows in the later period, and increase the birth weight of piglets.
3, the later feeding

But there is a lithotyc in the early stage of the sow, and the later feeding is easy to produce a large checkered pig.

If most weights in the Wose Pig are 1.5-2.0 kg, there is a 3.5-4 kg piglet, so it is easy to cause the sow to produce.
In response to this situation, we can use sows to inject chlorin alcohols, promote the mother sore pots and cervixs to further open to facilitate the output of large checkered pigs.

4, fetal position is not positive

The fetal position is not the most common situation in the production of sows, most of them are seen in the piglet hips, back, two piglet cards, piglet card in bone The lower part of the pelvic cavity, the piglet is back to the mother sow, and we need to pay for the sow.

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1. Pre-picking the sow needed before injection of chloride,

2. Technician needs shearing Flat nail, re-use disinfection water disinfectant, arm and sow vulva; 3. Armar in the arm, then use lubricant to lubricate arm;

4. With uterine shrink rhythm Slowly extend into the vagina, using the uterus to expand, adjust the piglets in the position (the piglet back to the back of the sow, the head appearance or the back of the legs), the piggy pig is needed to push it, convenient Another output, the card in the lower portion of the pelvic cavity also needs to be pushed;

Then pull the maternity road, then grab the pig head neck or the mandibular or hind leg slowly pull it out. Out.

The sow is unable to see the sow, the sow is too thin or more than the scorpion. These two situations will cause physical strength in the production of sows, and the production is difficult, and the technician needs to assist the production of sows.

1. The abdomen is squeezed by the front backward force, helping the sow to rush to the birth of the uterine pig pig.
2. The sow can cause local congestion, standing difficulties, can catch the appropriate activities of the sow, adjust the lying down posture, to produce.

3. Supplement of sow intravenous infusion supplementation: physiological saline + penicillin + streptomycin + Houttuynia + ground rice, glucose injection + calcium gluconate + composite VB, physiological saline + Lin Kemycin .
4. After the proceedings, the mother-induced pigs contracted weakness, can be injected into the contraction of uterine smooth muscle contraction.
5.Purify time.

The sow that seriously damaged by the maneuveral damage should be eliminated in time, and the sows should be indicated on the information card. Each sow is injected with long-acting thrombin 15ml after childbirth, and the uterus is gone in the uterus.

After the postpartum mother, the hip is cleaned, the outer yin sprayed iodine, the bed is cleaned with disinfectous water, dragging.

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