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The chicken is most afraid of respiratory, I want a batch of chickens that the respiratory path is really difficult, especially the broiler, an epidemic prevention, and the disease will follow. Many farmers are afraid of immune because they are afraid of respiratory diseases. In fact, this is not scientific, how to better deal with the problem of respiratory disease after the vaccine, requires our system to master relevant knowledge.
First, the new city disease premium is determined.
The half-life of the new city disease maternal antibody in the body. In the past, experts were 4.5 days, and now this data is not very exactly, in the previous period, as the age growth will become short. The average value of the maternal antibody titer detected by chicks 1 day is generally between 6-10 (when the chicken is not good, there is a day-old new city disease immunization). Under data testing, in general, the first precision is between 5 or 6-8.
Second, the first exemption of the new epidemic city is exempt from the new city disease, usually by eye drops. The new city vaction of disappearing vaccine is by parasitic on the respiratory mucosa, which induces the body to produce antibodies by stimulating the respiratory mucosa, thereby obtaining immunity. This type of parasitic is often more time, usually 5-7 days, according to relevant experts, some chickens are still detected on the respiratory mucosa on the respiratory mucosa in the respiratory mucosa in the respiratory mucosa. Vaccine strains survive on the respiratory mucosa, destroying the cilia on the respiratory mucosa, making it poured, which caused the fragrance caused by the destruction, usually starting on the second day after immunization, the 6th day is the most serious. Through treatment, damaged cilia is usually required to be resumed through 10-13 days. In addition, if the chick carries the H9 virus, and the H9 virus has laid on the respiratory mucosa. At this time, the cilia is destroyed, and the chick is quickly infected with H9. This kind of infection caused by bad consequences is fatal, but it is often difficult to understand.
Third, the re-injury of French cyst immunization is carried out before and after 2 weeks old. At this time, the most severe stage of the positive respiratory mucosa injury is the most serious. The stress brought by this vaccine is to inspire respiratory diseases. On the other hand, it is destroying the intestines. At this time, the natural barrier of the respiratory and intestines is destroyed. If it is not possible to handle prevention and treatment, the respiratory tract and intestinal damage is superimposed, the symptoms are aggravated, then the new city disease is very likely to be available. .
Fourth, the new city disease is not uncertain, then the second free new city evolution will consider the following two aspects:
(1) The overall situation of the chicken group is caused by the respiratory tract, intestinal tract The symptoms have not yet been fully controlled or the symptoms are very serious. Then, the new city is exempted, and it will definitely increase the symptoms.
(2) When the new city is 7 days, there is no injection of new city vulnerable seedlings If you have made the antibody generated by the oil seedlings, it will not take the opportunity to make a new city duel. The secondary epidemic prevention time must be adjusted accordingly. If the epidemic prevention of the new market vaccination, the prevention of respiratory diseases must be strengthened. In case of antimracted disease, the viral disease and E. coli are coming.
The new city disease is three free and four free, and the current broiler is only done.
Five, prevention measures
(1) Strengthen feeding management and create a suitable environment for broilers.
(2) Use the nutrient medicine to protect the respiratory tract. Especially in the early stage of breeding, use some fish liver oil (vitamin A, vitamin D3), vitamin C drinking water or mixture can protect the respiratory mucosa.
(3) Use of preventive drugs. Newcastle duel 1 free, 2 free and Fahishenian immunity, in order to avoid vaccine stress, the disease needs to use mycoplasma drug to prevent respiratory disease, and of course, E. coli drug is also required to prevent prevention. One thing to explain that the Fa’s cysting is an escarotype, and the respiratory symptoms caused by epidemic. It is often a poor effect after using the respiratory drug, and it is necessary to cooperate with the intestinal drug to receive good results.
(4) When using a respiratory western medicine, it can greatly improve the efficacy of drugs in combination with traditional Chinese medicine (cough, phythmia, and improving immunity).
(5) Treatment method. The traditional drug treatment is used for oral medication, but oral administration, the drug is re-exudulating the hem transport, and the effective utilization rate of the drug is extremely low, this is a big reason for the treatment of chronic respiratory. . Change the traditional administration method to spray administration, the drug starting speed can be increased from the original 4-8 hours to 8-15 minutes, and the utilization rate of the drug can also improve several times. However, spray administration has some restriction conditions, and the majority of farmers are needed to have slowly mastered.

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