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How to deal with the flood of the chicken farm diarrhea. As the degree of planting of the egg hooks increases, diarrhea has become one of the common diseases of the egg chicken. Diarrhea diseases not only affect the egg chicken egg yield and egg shell quality, but also lead to shorten the layout cycle, decreased the feed conversion efficiency, so that infectious diseases have an invasive machine, which greatly affects the economic benefits of the feeding of the egg chicken. The causes and prevention measures caused by this disease are analyzed as follows: physiological mutation and stress factors can cause diarrhea and diarrhea, and physiological factors, the diarrhea deraisas caused by physiological factors from the early stage of the production, due to the large amount of estrogen, ovaries and fallopian tubal rapidly, During this period, a large amount of nutrient absorption is required. In addition, the protein content and crude fiber content in the day grain are too high, too much protein and crude fiber are difficult to digest, thus stimulating the intestinal acceleration metabolism, so that the intestinal peristalsis is accelerating, resulting in the occurrence of denivic diarrhea. Treatment measures: reduce the ratio of protein and crude fiber content in the diet, increase a variety of vitamin content, and enhance the disease resistance of chicken. 2, the amount of salt containing the salt is superior to enhance appetite, preventing the phenomenon of, 啄, etc. Another reason is that the amount of fish powder is large or the fish powder itself is more salt, and this is also induced. And Meihua Group focuses on premix for 25 years, the company’s current main products have “and Meihua” brand multidimensional, multi-mine, core materials, premix, concentrate, full price and other livestock feeding products, and Meihua series veterinary drugs Product, in which the US E-series product is the functional egg chicken premix for the new development of Meihua Eggs, and the useful effect is very good. It is very good to use the new product of Meihua Group. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: 15853106958Q: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 Treatment measures: If the feed is in the feed salt content of more than 0.3%, the chicken group causes a diarrhea due to thirst, so the salt content in the feed is preferably controlled at 0.3%. 3. The addition of stone powder in the egg period is too high or too fast. Generally, the need for pouring calcium is 2%, and the peak period is about 4%. Excessive stone adds caused high blood calcium, and the burden of renal is aggravated, causing renal swelling to cause diarrhea. Treatment measures: The increase in stone powder must be gradually progressed, with the increase of egg productionincrease. It is generally believed that the calcium content in the yawn fenity grain is 3.2% -3.5% is the optimum level, and the calcium content can be increased to 3.6% -3.8% in the case of high temperature or high yield. However, when the calcium content in the feed exceeds 4.0%, it will not only lead to a decrease in the feeding volume of the chicken, causing diarrhea, and also causes the occurrence of chicken pain. Differential bacterial diseases caused by disease factors, viral diseases and bacterial diseases and viral mixed infections cause different degrees of diarrhea. For example, bacterial infection such as pathogenic E. coli, Salmonella disease, can cause diarrhea disease; infectious cystic disease, new city disease, avian influenza or other viral diseases, infringement of intestinal, causing diarrhea; parasites The disease causes inflammation of different intestines, making digestive functional disorders, diarrhea; bacterial diseases, viral diseases, parasitic diseases, etc. The high peak material is not suitable, the body defense function is lowered, and it is easy to cause mixing of bacterial diseases, viral diseases or parasitic diseases. Entering enteritis, forming multiple illness, the treatment is not timely or the method will cause the body’s defense regulatory function. Reduce the complexity of inflammation, becoming an intractable diarrhea or epidemic diarrhea. Treatment measures: Different situations can be added to different situations in feed or antibacterial drugs in feed or drinking water during treatment; the causes caused by the refractive diarrhea caused by mixed infections, and the cause is caused, then symptomatic treatment. The diarrhea caused by environmental factors, hot, chicken breathing accelerates, excessive moisture in vivo, increased water, increased urination, caused feces, water, and uneven viscosity. If the ventilation ventilation is ignored in everyday management, the chicken house is filled, and the chicken respiratory mucosa is congested, and the mouth is thirsty and a large amount of drinking water causes diarrhea symptoms. Treatment measures: Take cooling measures, can be sprayed with cold water, strengthen feeding management, to ensure daily ventilation, regularly add intestinal function health products to regulate the intestinal immune function, reduce intestinal diseases; severe diarrhea Use antibacterial and supplementary gastrophy to diarrhea. Drugs caused by drug abuse of drugs are difficult to absorb or have damage to the kidneys, such as long-term or over-weight use of nitamine, etc. Due to the abuse of antibacterial drugs or use antibacterial drug time, the body digestive function is disordered, and the proportion of intestinal flora is impaired, resulting in diarrhea. Treatment measures: Antibacterial drug is deactivated, adding fish-liver oil, multi-dimensional, glucose, and feed to add micro ecological preparation to the water, and improve the balance of intestinal flora.

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