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Due to differences in epidemics in various places, different factors such as feeding, and the difference in the individual differences between the sheep, the sheep has changed the new environment, and the body often produces a series of reactions, mainly to express colds, cough, and runny nose. Symptoms of tears, rotten mouths, pulse and other symptoms. Improper treatment, the sheep cannot quickly adapt to the environment, and it will affect growth and development, and even cause the sheep to die. How to control and treat the stress response of the sheep?
First, the first-introduced sheep, the first-mouth water waist, the potassium permanganate temperature water is preferably, after all the sheep is finished, the water for three consecutive days is best to drink bean meal, and add electrolyte multi-dimensional anti-virus Polysaccharides, soybean meals are suitable for each sheep.
Second, home, sheep is best free to eat hay or semi-hay, do not eat grass or rainwater grass, you can eat other grass after one day, otherwise sheep pulls.
Third, it is best not to feed the fine material in three days, and feeding bran is good. Every day, each sheep is half a catty, and after three days, I can feed it normally. Bran has the effect of diarrhea, contains rich protein with vitamins.
Fourth, the sheep must be thoroughly disinfected, and it can be used to kill the shower, and sheep house uses lime disinfection. Penicillin is used for sheep muscles to prevent cold flu.
Fifth, deworming, sheep adapted to the environment, to prepare for deworming, preparing for future fattening!
Pay attention to observation, prevention, doing stress treatment, providing all favorable conditions for the sheep to provide all benefits, ensure the health and safety of the sheep! Potassium permanganate, stress reaction, epidemics, vitamins, runny nose

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