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In the case of raising the pig, the body temperature of the pigs is often encountered above or below the normal body temperature, but pig people need to pay attention to the body temperature of the pigs in different stages, such as the average body temperature of breastfeeding pigs. 39.3 ° C, the average body temperature of the medium pigs was 39 ° C, the average body temperature of the large pig was 38.8 ° C, the average body temperature of the pregnant sow was 38.7 ° C, the average body temperature of the breastfeeding sow was 39.3 ° C, the average body temperature of the boar was 38.4 ° C . When the pig mass is higher than the normal body temperature, the pig man is called fever. When the pig mass is lower than the normal body temperature, the pig man is called low fever.


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Pigs fever

is not all of the body temperature rises It can be called fever. For example, the body temperature will rise after strenuous exercise such as pigs, and even reach 40 ° C. We only become fever, heat generation can be divided into four types according to the heat of the pigs in the heat of the pig, and the heat of the pig is divided into four types:

A, micro Hot, body temperature exceeds normal body temperature 1 ° C, common breast inflammation, uterine and other local organs of local organs;

B, medium heat, body temperature exceed normal body temperature 1-2 ° C, common Sworm, with red cell body, etc., is more severe inflammation;

C, high heat, body temperature exceeds normal body temperature 2 ° C, common broad infection or acute infectious disease, such as infectious pleuropneumitis, Pig lung disease, etc .;
D, the highest heat, the body temperature exceeds normal body temperature 3 ° C or higher, common like acute pig Directivi, septicecerene, arcuated body disease and other systemic infections.

There are two misunderstandings in pigs in pig groups:

1. Measure the body temperature of pigs with human body temperature. Under normal circumstances, people’s rectum temperature is 37.5 ° C, while boars in the pigs in the pigThe rectal temperature is also higher than this value, so it cannot be used to measure the body temperature of the pig. Another is some pig friends who are used to touch the body surface of the pig and then estimate the pig’s body temperature. It can be practical. It is hot, because the pig’s body temperature itself is higher than people. The body temperature.

2, fever uses antipyretics. In most cases, the body temperature during the heat of sick pigs is about 40 ° C. At this time, it is not necessary to use antipyretics because the temperature rise of sick pigs is a self-protection mechanism, and the temperature is reduced after the temperature increases. Activity, thereby inhibiting replication of bacteria or viruses, and improving the function of the immune system helps the body quickly recovery.

Moreover, as long as the body temperature reaches 40 ° C, it is determined to be heated to use and antipyretics, which not only does not cause the effect of treating the disease, but delays the recovery speed of the body. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use the antipyretic drug when the body temperature is higher than 41 ° C.

Type of antipyretics and its choice

The antipyretic drug can be divided into Chinese medicine antipyretics (firewood injection, fish注 注 液) 药 药 药 药 药 药 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 类 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药 药(Aspirin), carboxylic acid, carboxylic acid, calcium, fluorenigosine, acetamilide (to acetamin), pyrazolketone (amino), and epoxidase Inhibitors (Nimesuli).

According to the characteristics of each antipyretic, it is generally selected to be nearly or amino-bobilin, because the antipyretic effect of these two drugs is also the fastest; Thermally selects aspirin or Frangongisus, thinks that these two drug safety is relatively high, with a small amount of side effects; high fever caused by viral infections, but it is necessary to pay attention to the sow can cause miscarriage; low heat use card Forest calcium, Chaihu injection or houtonia injection and other traditional Chinese medicine antipyretics, small side effects, is not easy to cause low temperatures after exile.
Pig lower (

The piglet is a clinical symptom of a body temperature caused by insufficient heat or heat dissipation in the pigs. oftenSee a longer cases of chronic consumable diseases, or long-term loss of appetite, abject absence pigs. Depending on the degree of body temperature below the normal body temperature, low fever can be divided into two kinds of micro-low fever and low fever:
A, slightly low, body temperature is below normal body temperature 1 ° C, common local inflammation or Chronic consumable disease;

B, low fever, body temperature below normal body temperature 1-2 ° C, common acute infectious diseases or excessive use doses before death or antipyretics.

For low fever treatment options:

1, pay attention to rest, strengthen feeding management. When the pig is low, it is not recommended, sometimes it is stressed, but will aggravate the condition. When the body temperature is in a lower low, it is mainly based on the raising management. It can provide straw to the pig in a quiet storage environment to help the sick pigs restore the body temperature, and can also feed pigs to feeding eggs, brown sugar water, etc. can quickly supply power. High nutritious substance.

2, if the body temperature is below 37 ° C, the pig man can first muscle, sodium camphor sulfonate, the body temperature recovery, the body temperature recovery, myocardium, astragalous polysaccharide, creatinine, ATP and other auxiliary disease The pig rises high temperature, and finally supplemented with the above-mentioned feeding management method to completely solve the problem of low fever of sick pigs.

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