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Causes of chicken nuts

Chicken poison poisoning also named soft necoline, is a poisonous disease caused by extractors produced by Clostridum Botulinum, with motor nerve paralysis and rapid death as feature. This poisoned disease in poultry is wide, duck, chicken, and goose can occur, especially for large groups of ducks, sometimes cause a large number of sick and death, should pay attention.

The disease is not limited by the region, all countries in the world have occurred, and the early mainly occurring poultry. In recent years, there is also a multi-time case in which the crop-raised broiler has many times

Chicken Symptoms

The latency of the disease is not very short, usually symptoms from 1 to 2 hours to 1 to 2 days from the food, usually. The symptoms caused by chicken and duck or intravenous injection or oral C-shaped adhesives were consistent with natural cases. High dose toxins, in a few hours, the dose hours, the paralysis time is generally 1 to 2 days.

The symptoms of chicken poison poisoning mainly showed sudden onset, no spirit, dozing, head neck, legs, eyelids, wings, etc., paralyzed phenomenon, spread from the leg, neck and eyelid . Sick birds are lazy, sitting, sweeping, drooping, feathers, easy to fall off. The severe head and neck straightened, tabulated ground, can not be lifted, indicating the paralysis of the neck, so the disease is also known as the edible neck disease. The diseased poultry is diarrhea, discharging green dung, and has a plurality of uasate salts in the dung fees, and the disease is died due to heart and respiratory failure. The mortality rate of this disease is related to the amount of toxins that are measurable. The severe usually dies within a few hours; the light may be resistant, the disease is 3 ~ 4 days, if it is extended to 1 week, it can be restored

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