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The diagnosis of pig disease is actually a lot, eye view, ear listening, touch, body temperature, and breathing, testing is the most common method; anatomy is a further diagnosis, from the lesion of dead pigs to diagnose pig disease; pathogen culture and antibody Monitoring makes the diagnosis more accurate; the drug sensitivity is a basis for the medication medication; but the above method is some shortcomings, whether it is alone or in combination, and does not achieve perfection in production; today Zhongnuo heart pig flooding The small series proposed drug diagnostics can be supplemented as a diagnostic manner.
The drug diagnosis is mainly to solve the following problems:
1. A diagnosis during mixing infection:
If a mixed infection occurs after the pork group, it is difficult to determine the type of disease from the outside, and The symptoms cannot be diagnosed. At this time, according to apparent and anatomical symptoms, several different drug combinations are targeted, and then according to the most desirable solution, the most important disease type can be determined, and the treatment plan is used to effectively. will be better.
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2, for further diagnosis of buffering time:

The most reliable method of diagnosis is to train blood test and pathogen, and select sensitive drugs, it is necessary to do a series of drug sensitivity tests, but this is not a pig. The field can do, even if there is a certain time in the vicinity, the development of pig disease is unable to wait; the use of drugs in time after the onset can make the condition to be relieved, and it also provides clinical basis for further diagnosis.

3, exclude the effects of bacterial resistance:

If symptoms are obvious, the drug effect is not ideal, and it is necessary to consider whether the bacteria produces resistance, and consider other antibiotic varieties for the bacteria. The recombination of the drug sensitivity test, and finally select the most ideal drug combination. Pharmaceutical Diagnosis Precautions:
1, you must pay attention to pig feedstock when adding medicine, because pigs will generally refuse or eat less during high fever, the drug effect is very poor, and the best drugs for sick pigs It is injection;
2, drug consultationThere must be a certain amount, and individual pigs cannot represent the whole group to avoid misdiagnosis;
3, drugs that do not use the standard, such as antipyretics and anti-drug use, etc., so as not to mislead thinking.

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