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Chinese medicine divides colds into “cold cold” and “wind hot cold”, although the difference is poor, but there is a clear difference in the form of expression and treatment.

1, mental state: cold cold, because of a bad wind, hurt, so I can feel the spirit in the chicken group, and the wind hot cold is not in the early days.
2, cold cold because of injury yang. Therefore, it is not thirsty for the early days, and the wind hot cold is injured. Therefore, the amount of drinking water in the initial stage is increased or decreases.
3, body temperature: cold cold, with head fever, fat is hot. The legs are cold, and the wind hot cold is dominated by whole body.
4, the respiratory change, the cold cold respiratory symptoms have or not, and the tracheotomy is translucent in the bifurcation only on the bifurcated chicken. More bright, there is a little transparent foam-like secretion in the tracheal cavity, and the wind is different, the tracheal ring is dry, and more bleeding. The secretion of the lumen is viscous or even yellow secretions.
5, cold colds may cause kidney conversion, and wind hot colds have caused mycoplasma and E. coli.

6, the cold-tempered chicken is low-grade eggs easy to recover, the wind is cold, the cold cold

7. Although the cold cold, the fever is only, but the feces basically has no change. The later period is easy to see. The wind-saveration has a yellow-green manure.
8, the preface of the cold cold and the temperature in the evening and the evening are particularly uncharged, and in the noon and morning, the mental state is better, and even the illusion of “rehabilitation”; wind The hot cold does not have such an illusion

9, the cold cold, the symptoms of the cold, the symptoms are very slight, but now in practice (broiler), there are many rinsing chickens in the early days, and even more obvious. Wind hot cold is obvious in respiratory tract, but the nose chicken is only rare or almost no.
10, the fear of the cold cold, the feeding volume declines, even less unaptim, the weather in the early days of the wind and cold, the feeding volume decreased rapidly, even halved.
11, the cold cold has more seasonal seasons in winter and spring and autumn and winter. The wind-over cold has the most in the summer and summer autumn alternating season.
12, cold cold and wind hot cold pre-egg shell color will be light, but the cold cold is more obvious, and the wind hot cold is faster.
13. The cold cold is mostly insulated and the temperature drop or the weather is quenched, and the wind hot cold has not changed much.

The wind is different from the cold cold, and the medication is also different. If your chicken is cold, you have a hot cold, that is not used, so you want to have the right medicine first It is a wind and cold cold or a cold cold.

Chicken cold cold can use rich peasant infection (pure Chinese medicine) wind hot cold cold (Chinese and Western medicine combined can be prevention)

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