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With the development of the aquaculture industry, under the requirements and support of the local livestock bureau, more and more farmers began to pay attention to the importance of cultured disinfection. And cultured disinfection is not a simple daily water rinse, or simple spray disinfection, this work needs to be very strict. First, from the beginning of the person, we must do a good job in disinfection and epidemic prevention. Second, the large-scale vehicle of the vehicle is disinfected, and finally the daily epidemic prevention work of the circle. Today, you will briefly introduce a general breeding equipment, specific use and scope of use.
First, let’s meet the equipment that enters people disinfection. That is, we usually understand the personnel channel disinfection equipment, of course, can also be used by visitors. Such equipment is the mainstream of the market is ultrasonic series, but according to the appearance and out of the amount, the cost is very different. There are two main two:
First, wall-mounted ultrasonic spray disinfection machine
He mainly used to disinfect the past personnel of the disinfection channel, the disinfection area used is around 30 square meters, the amount of fog is approximately At 24L / h. Applicable to a relatively large breeding farm with some disinfection channels.

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Wall Mount

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Vertical ultrasonic spray disinfection machine

Similar to this. This device is suitable for a disinfection passage of 10 square meters, and the cost is relatively low, suitable for small farms.
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Secondly, there are many vehicle channel disinfection equipment. There are many disinfection instruments on such aspects, but how to choose the right way, for vehicle disinfection of Hebei Many less practical features, such as automatic sensing this is a more trouble of function, although the technology content has increasedHowever, cost is also increased, so I want to remember when choosing, selecting the right to disinfection equipment.


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Vehicle Disinfection

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The last one is the internal spray disinfection equipment, which is mainly applied to the interior of a relatively complex coastal house to be disinfected, and more Convenient, the area is used is large, suitable for large farms.

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