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Improve the environment, carefully manage the high temperature season, the testicles of the rabbit are about 60%, and the autumn temperature has declined, and the male rabbit can be restored in 45 days, and the female rabbit needs to resume the breeding 7 days. After entering the autumn, we must strengthen the rabbit ventilation and keep the house clean and quiet. If the three-story cage should be used, the rabbit should be placed in the bottom of the cage, or the rabbit can also arrange the breeding of the half basement, which is conducive to maintaining the quality of the male rabbit. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Admissible feed, speed up the autumn and night, cool, rabbit food, mixed materials should be arranged in the morning and evening, the finery should be 2/3 of the food at night, and Supply clean drinking water, other time to feed high quality green gripping. After complex, feed some protein-rich feed, such as soybean, bran, fishmeal, germination barley, silkworm powder, etc. Ten% and add 1% of salt and 2% of bone powder.

After the breeding, after entering the autumn, we must master the faster’s estrus (1 hour in the rabbit for 7 ~ 15 days, lasting 3 to 4 days each time), let it breed at a timely manner. When the female rabbit is estrus, it is expressed as redness and swelling, issues “咕”, and run around. At this time, you have to master the time of breeding, and the breeding is the most appropriate when the vulvar of the farewell is red.

Artificial proactive drugs: Can be added to the rabbit materials, which can effectively improve endocrine, effectively promote estrus, improve the rate of production, and improve the quality of milk. Shooting: Put the female rabbit into the male rabbit cage to make the rabbit chase climb, stimulate the estrus estrus, general morning, in the afternoon. The information is aphrodisiac, caught the female rabbit into the male rabbit cage, Ren Rabbit chase climbs, after the general time, let the female rabbit in the cage overnight. Since the female rabbits fully accepted the breath of the rabbit in the male rabbit, there will be estrus performances, and the breeding can be made at this time. Consult QQ: 2627108897
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