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In order to ensure that there is no fertilizer, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, veterinary drugs, and chemical synthesis, and the harmful substances of the human body must be managed and produced in accordance with the relevant requirements of the green food production procedures.

First, the environmental conditions and protection of cattle are

1. Topographic, back wind, sunny, dry, and cattle field should be higher than the highest flood line in the local history, and the groundwater level should be below 2 meters. 2. Water quality must be in line with the “health standard of drinking water”, with sufficient water, it is best to use deep groundwater.
3. The venue has an uniformity, convenient transportation, and maintains a sanitary spacing of more than 500 meters from the main road trunk line.
4. The cows should maintain a suitable temperature, humidity, airflow, light and freshly cleaned air, disable toxic insecticidal, sterilized, and antiseptic drugs.
5. Cow farm sewage and sewage treatment meet the standard.
Second, nutrients need
Green breeding should be scientifically prepared according to the nutritional needs of different development of beef cattle.
The drug additive has brought great benefits to animal husbandry, but with the development of the times, the side effects caused by the times are increasingly obvious. Low treatment amount antibiotics as additives, while eliminating pathogens, also eliminates the use of microorganisms for the body, causing infirmary flora disorders; long-term feeding, resistance, and residue in animal products, producing public health Adverse effects directly threaten human health and safety. Therefore, the use of feed additives must conform to the use of guidelines for the production of green food, abuse of antibiotic additives, do not comply with ceiling period, or illegal use such as hypnotic sediments, hormones or hormone substances, will result in such drugs in beef Reissue over the standard. Therefore, producing green beef should try to apply new biological agents that can replace antibiotics and promote growth hormone, such as feed yeast, ruminant high-active dry yeast is a natural additive, animals do not generate tolerance, normal use without any side effects , Promote ruminants, improve feed utilization and decreaseThe meat ratio promotes the growth of the beef cattle. First, you should choose a high security, no drug residual animal special antibiotics, and avoid the use of drug-resistant drugs; secondly, the use method should be correct and reasonable, must be uniform with feed, and strictly implement the addition of standard stopping period, etc. Provisions to reduce drug residues and drug resistance. It is strictly forbidden to use drug additives, strictly control various hormones, antibiotics, chemical synthesis of moisture, and chemical preservatives, etc.

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