How to do not need medicine, let the chicken are safe to winter?

Everyone knows that the chicken in winter is not good, because the temperature difference between day and night is very long, it is easy to catch a cold. How to use ginger brown sugar and Jingfu defeat to get a hurry, safe winter?

How to use ginger red sugar to prevent the cold cold?

1, go to the market to buy ginger, cut into silk, put it in the boiled water for about 10 minutes, boil Two times! And mix the two times, add brown sugar, cook for about 2 minutes, and give chicken when it is suitable for temperature.

2, how to determine the amount of ginger:

1000 chicken, 1000 chickens each time 3 or two

10 days left and right chicken, 1000 per day with 5%

20-30 天肉 1000 chickens use 7 two

3, brown sugar is determined:

The amount of brown sugar is 2 times the ginger.

4, when is the most suitable for ginger red sugar?

Before and after the birth of the vaccine, the external temperature plummeted, and when I suddenly scraped the wind You can! At the same time, cooperate with strict control of the temperature, make sure the chicken is safe to have a safe winter!

Second, Jingfu defeated poisonous use.

Mangui Jing defeated toxicity is a fool-style product, which has a good therapeutic effect for viral colds, new city diseases, unnamed high heat, Fahsi, etc., it belongs to heat retreat Large group of squares. Nowadays, there are many mixed sympathetic, and there is a flu life, so too a single content is not ideal.

In short, it is not a problem for your chicken safely in the winter.

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