How to eliminate the fear of cats?

QQ截图20201202093728.jpg For cats just came to a new environment, it is inevitable that the psychological will be nervous, and it will form an invisible fear. The formation of fear is mainly due to unsafeness. For young kittens, the courage is very small, and they have a curiosity of things about the outside world, but they will also feel afraid of fear. If you have a timid kitten in your home, how should the owner eliminate the fear of your cat?

Strictly speaking, the owner should create a relaxed and comfortable living environment for the cat. Let the cat feel that the environment it is very warm and safe. First, you can eliminate the tension and fear of the cat, let the cats can relax into a new environment, not too nervous.

For cats with fear, the owner can’t force the cat to accept new things or adapt to the new environment. The owner should give the cat enough time, let it feel everything around, the owner can’t force the cat to do anything that will fear. At the same time, in daily life, the owner should maintain the quietness of the cat life environment, avoiding the random access of strangers, avoiding casual contact or teasing pet cats.

In order to eliminate the fear of the cat, the owner can gently walk to the cat’s side, softly touch the body of the cat, let the cat feel comfortable and slowly relax. At the same time, the owner should be quantified to the cat every day to prepare food and water, when the cat is diet, the owner should not deliberately disturb it, as long as it is quietly viewed quietly.

Eliminating the fear of the pet cat, first of all, let the cat put down its preparation of tight psychology. The owner’s attitude, and careful care is a good way to relax the cat emotions. When the pet cat is familiar with the environment it is, the new owner and family in the environment have further understanding and understanding, the fear of cats will disappear.

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