How to enhance the immunity of pigs, let pigs are sick?

How to enhance the immunity of pigs, let pigs are sick?
The pig is not good, the immunity is weak, what should I do?
In winter, the respiratory disease is serious. Many major farmers are worried about raising pigs. Pigs are sick, then how to enhance pigs

Immunization, let pigs are sick. In the brief introduction here, I hope to help farmers.
One is a method of feeding, and the other is the quality of the feed.
1. Feeding method: Feeding pigs is very particularly quantitative, determine the time and feeding volume of feeding, do not change easily. This can be

allows pigs to maintain a more regular diet, better for pig’s digestive system, and more beneficial to pork. Conversely, if the amount of feeding is less,

Feeding time suddenly suddenly, that is very affecting pig meat.

2, Feed Quality: Single from a healthy point of view, there are three things that cannot be feeding pigs. One is toxic, and the second is mildew.

, the third is not passed High-temperature sterilization or de-reliant rice.
Pig pig wants to make money, pay attention to the resistance of pigs, because the pig has changed after infection, the metabolism will change, so sufficient nutrition

It is more important.
– Tianli speed supplement – mainly used for pig reminders, but also increased pig immunity. With the feed effect, it can also be effectively mentioned

High pig resistance; it is a good choice.
Although the vaccination is also a method, it is not better to increase the feed additive for a long time.
Tian Li speed repair function:
1. Enhance immunity, help the disease, restore
2. Bottom the liver and kidney, the symptoms are cured
3. Fast satisfying pigs and only resist disease, resistance Excited, and nutritional immunity demand under special physiological conditions
1. History: 40 years of specializing in the production of vitamins, minerals
2. Brand effect: animal husbandry trademark households, custom-mouth
3. High cost performance: Large feed factory farming group effect verification
Second, advantage

1. Provide a balanced and comprehensive nutritional supplement to the pig farm – professional high efficiency resistance
Materials such as multi-dimensional, microalluries, electrolytes are important for animal resistance stressFactor, and particularly adding fat metabolic regulatory substances, there is a good repair function for the liver damage caused by the bacteria toxin and endotoxin and heavy metals
2. Repair the damaged garrison, accelerate Body Metabolism – Liver Kidney
The liver is the largest detoxification and detox hematopoietic organ in the body, and is also an important organ of fat integrated. Effective reduction in multi-watellubes

Light liver burden, repair damaged liver, protect the normal operation of the liver function, and simultaneously improve the immunity of the body, anti-stress

3. Improve the “sub-health” situation
Due to the lack of sports, green and green feed and sufficient light, plus temperature, density, humidity, air cleaning, 80% pig

Only due to the pressure of production pressure, only artificial additional replenishment can emergency
4. Improve the production and reproductive performance of pigs
5. Improve feed utilization, improve production efficiency
Drinking water : 4000 kg of water added this product 1 kg
mixed materials; 2000 kg of feed plus 1 kg
1 pound of 2 tons of water
[Packaging Specification] 500g / bag * 30 bags / pieces

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Fortune! !

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