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Yijiaoi microbioma fermentation bed can be used to raise rabbits, deodorant, sanitary, water saving, saving feed, how is it better than ordinary feeding methods, so how to operate the rabbit of Yiyi fermentation bed? In fact, the principle of raising poultry is the same as pig pigs. Compared with the pig ferment bed, the technical point of fermentation bed technology is as follows: The thickness of the fermentation bed can be appropriately thinned, generally 50 cm thick thickness (the habit of the rabbit has a habit of the poultry, not It is easy to compact. The rabbit is less urinary, especially liquid urine, and if the fermentation bed humidity is not enough, it will affect the fermentation effect. In this case, it can be properly sprayed to promote the normalization of fermentation. The belt of the fermentation bed does not have to be as complex like raising pigs, and some sawdame pad can be replaced with appropriate straw, which can save costs.
Use benefits to bond the rabbit, rabbit meat is high, reaching the standard of green eco-food, and reduces the amount of feed, because the fermentation can be consumed, saving 30% cost. (Other aspects refer to fermentation bed chicken technology knowledge). In addition, fermented beds, fermented beds, fermented bed, fermentation bed, fermentation bed, technology, etc., the principle is consistent, here is not a detailed introduction. QQ Technical Guidance: 1016351218
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