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Do not mix feed with water into a thin porridge to feed chicken, and the grillers are easily digestible, which reduces various digestive enzyme activity, causing the digestion of feed, nutrient absorption, and even cause indigestion, which greatly reduces feed utilization. If the feed of feed is not increased, if the nutritional demand of chicken is not satisfied, the weight will be affected. Feeding the raglet chicken is also easy to deposit fat, and the lower fat is too thick to cater to consumers.

In terms of drinking water, try to use the free water dispenser, or the plastic water drinker, such as the water driver using the plastic, it is best to hang it, with chicken to drink water, ensure that the chicken has sufficient Clean drinking water. Don’t use the rubber in water, because the airport is designed, dust, pathogen is very easy to pollute with water.

If the weather is hot, you can feed when you are cool in the morning, you can improve the amount of chicken, and you can use a wet material at noon. The water is preferably 1: 0.5 ~ 2, and the modulated hand can be adjusted. The degree of pinching the group can spread. Due to feeding the dry material in the morning, when feeding the wet material at noon, you can stimulate the chickens, this dry and wet, which can make the chicken, and secrete digestible liquid, and the feed digestion is absorbed. Veterinary drug agents

can add glucose and vitamin C in drinking water when it is high temperature, which can increase energy due to insufficient feeding, and enhance the body of chicken and resistance, There is also a certain auxiliary effect on high heat. In addition, tanks, water tanks, sinks should be washed hard, and the water is changed to avoid breeding bacteria.

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