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After the lamb leaves the mother, it is basically breast milk, so the nutrients of the ewec should be strengthened, and the lamb must eat the emelet for 1-3 days, the raw milk ended within 1-3 days. “.
“Rasmathe” has high nutritional value, 4-5 times of protein is normal, vitamins, and contains vitamins that cannot be synthesized by lambs, trace elements are also very rich, “raw milk” The magnesium salt in the medium has a laxative effect and promotes the tires. At the same time, “Rightmine” contains immunoglobulin without having to increase the immunity and resistance of the lamb, and increase the lamb.

Wipe the lamb and nose, prevent suffocation, then let the ewec yourself, if the weather is cold, put the first drip of the mother’s two sides of the milk, let the lamb will succeed If there is a weak small station, you can catch your sheep milk to let the lamb, you have to observe that there is no lamb to suck the milk in half an hour. Every two hours, you are born in seven days. Vital, be sure to let the lamb eat milk!

If the old sheep does not let a lot of born lambs, it means that the ewes don’t recognize the lambs, and they can apply the milk or urine of the ewa to the lamb.

If the lack of lack of milk can not find the “Nanny” sheep, it will be feeding, artificially feeding more goat milk, milk and milk powder. Improper feeding powder should cause indigestion caused lamb dysentery and death, so pay attention to the change of lambs, prevention and treatment. If you want to be successful, you must be done, quantitative, and you must be responsible when feeding. Lamb in the age of January, 1 hour every 3 hours; 1 to 2 months, fishing 4 times; 2 ~ March age, fed 3 times, day after 3 months, 1 ~ 2 days after March With the increase of months, the number of feeding is gradually reduced, and the amount of feed each time is increased.


Artificial breastfeeding milk temperature should be close or slightly higher than the female sheep temperature, ie, preferably 38 ° C ~ 42 ° C. 0.5 ml of Escherichia coli under the child’s lamb, the lambs of the lambs, the lambs of the lamb, the lambs with weak body,At the same time of the warm water bath, 25% glucose 10 ml was added to the intravenous intravenous injection. General lambs will run for a while, it is recommended to get the wind, warm sunny day, to enhance physical fitness, to enhance physical fitness, promote appetite, promote growth, reduce disease. Be careful not to catch cold, keep warm, others take care of the ewe.

Newborn lamb, especially the live lambs of the thin ewe, the ability to live, the ability to regulate the body temperature is low, the resistance to the disease is weak, maintain a good health environment is conducive to the growth and development of the lamb . The environment around the lamb should be cleaned, dry, and the air is fresh and no thief. Sheep house is preferably a clean musht, and the room temperature is kept between 5 to 10 ° C, and do not have a large change. The newly born lamb, if the physique is weak, should be arranged in a warm sheepstook or hot, the temperature cannot exceed the body temperature, waiting to be able to eat milk, the spirit is improved, and the room can gradually reduce the room temperature to the sheep house.

The person who feeds the lamb will have a hands before feeding. Never contact the sour sheep, minus or avoid pathogenic factors.


“Quantity” means that each feeding, mastering the extent of “70% full”, can’t feed over. The specific amount is determined by the size of the lamb or the size of the body, and the amount of milk is generally equal to 1/5 of the initial weight. When feeding porridge or soup, it should be quantified according to the thickness, and the whole day should be lower than the number of feeding quantities, especially for 2 to 3 days of the initial feed, and then give it to the time to be slowly adapted. When the lamb is healthy, when the appetite is good, every 7-8 days increase 1/4 ~ 1/3 in the previous period; if the indigestion is poor, it should reduce the amount of feeding, increase the amount of drinking water, and take some treatment measures. The new lamb should feed 6 times a day, feeding once every 3 to 5 hours, night sleep can extend the time or decrease. 10 days after 10 days, you can reduce it to 3 to 4 times when you graze or eat it.

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