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518 ranging sheep network, now there are many places to get rid of sheep, stocking is not too big, there is no more apprentices to stock, but also keep in the form of development, then how to feed it? How to feed? How many sheep feed is to feed?
In the loop farming, the choice and formulation of the sheep feed is very important. To make the sheep early, the sheep feed should be scientifically match, reach the demand for sheep growth, and must contain the following nutrients in the feed.
1. Energy feed, such as corn, sorghum and other common energy main grains, which is indispensable, and no other things can be replaced.
2, protein feed, protein feed species, soybean meal Other hypoders such as peanut cake, sunflower cake, vegetable meal, cotton meal, etc., can be used, cotton meal is toxic, but ruminants can feed, there is no impact, but I also suggest that everyone is not in the sheep. Put too much cotton meal, general cotton meal can not exceed 10% added amount.
3 \ minerals, calcium phosphorus ratio should be balanced, currently calcium phosphate, stone powder, or bone powder Yes, there is also a trace element mineral, etc., composite vitamins are these.
The above is a common raw material in the recuperation of sheep feed formula, as long as we are based on; 2017 new circle raised sheep feed formula This article can be both.
How many sheep feeds have to be feeding a day?
Circle pesticings feeding the sheep feeding every day should not be limited, what should be eaten, how much feeding, if you say the specific feed, then feed a day feeding a day 3 pounds, 1 kg of fine material, this is the amount of adult sheep, basically every adult sheep feed volume is these, but the best way is free to eat, how much feeding every day!
How many pounds can be long?
This is going to see how your own fattening sheep feed formula is, fattening sheep material formula is sufficient, usually a small tail cold sheep can grow 0.7 pounds, the fastest energy About 0.8 pounds, Boer goat is 1 pound, and it is generally universal. So, tap her sheep feed formula is very important, many friends who raise sheep may not pay too much. (518 raise is provided)

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