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Due to the woolen grung, pasture, etc., often exposed to the ground, so the digestive tract is easily infected with various nematodes, insects, mites, etc., vitro is also easy to infect parasites such as,,, fly maggot. After the sheep’s body is mild to moderate infection, the conversion rate of feed is affected, mainly loss of appetite and the reduction in protein and energy utilization of absorption, the quality and weighting effect of the carcass also have declined, which affects the economic benefits of breeding . Therefore, regularly deworming stomach is very necessary.
2, formula unreasonable
The unreasonable formulation ratio is not only unbearable, but also provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. needed to grow the growth of sheep, will cause waste of raw materials and funds. Therefore, if the formulation is scientifically, whether the amount of the components is appropriate is also a key.
3, protein feed and energy feed mass is not limited
If the melon bran, soybean meal added in the feed is mildew, it can cause the sheep to fall, even refuse to eat, vomit, but also Disease caused by chronic diarrhea, so that growth rates slowly, the feed rate will be greatly reduced.
4, the forage is not selected
The nutrients contained in different forage materials are large, including high nutritional value including purple, ryegrass, Sudanese grass, high-day grass, chicory, white three-leaf and so on. Among them, it is the best in purple. Purple gratis stem leaves contain rich protein, minerals, multiple vitamins and carotenoids, especially in the blade. On the same area of ​​land, the digestible total ranging from the purple gratis is 2 times that of the grass, can be digestible protein is 2.5 times, the mineral is 6 times, and the horizontal is good. If you choose wheat straw, as a sheep, the nutrient ingredients are almost, the impact of the growth can be known.
5, the fine material does not feed
The daily material is supplemented to suit, although it is not necessary to feed, but not enough, do not reduce the daily supply of the cattle due to the cost of saving the material, In the long run, the longness of the sheep must be affected, the meat is not long, and the cost of the previous material is also taken in, and it will not be lost. It is recommended that every food fertilizer is not less than 2% of the sheep body weight.
6, the environment of the circle

Environmental control mainly includes temperature, humidity, air, hygiene, feeding density, etc. These factors are controlled, and the growth of the sheep will also play a great promotion. If the environment is not suitable, the high production performance cannot be fully utilized, and the feed conversion will be reduced, causing waste, and even if some epidemic prevention measures are also difficult to control the occurrence of diseases, affect economic benefits. Therefore, environmental control is an important guarantee for high productivity.

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