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The breeding soil after the soil chicken is reduced to 40 days, that is, no longer warming, but the temperature does not change too much, winter and rain, wind weather, room temperature should still be maintained at 15 ° C, light Natural light. The feeding method has three kinds of pumping, cage, stocking, stocking:

Pingguine can be divided into online focus and ground, online, and the amount of activity of chicken is large. It is not easy to have a disease, of course, the cost is higher; the ground focusing is to put on the cement floor, the cereal, rapeseed shell, etc. The lesion occurs, because the amount of murders is large, the amount of the gas does not need to be replaced, and the deficiencies is that the chicks are directly discharged to the gas, which is easy to induce some diseases. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

Cage will turn the chicks after the heat transfer to the chicken cage, and the advantage is to make full use of space, the chicken does not touch the feces, the incidence is small, and it is easy to catch the chicken, reduce The labor intensity of the breeder; the disadvantage is that the bullion of the long feeding time, the stress reaction is large, and the chest and legs of the chicken are prone to lesions.

The stocking of the chicken is out of the room, allowing it to accept sunlight, contact the soil, and find some mineral feeds and insects, noon and evening to return the chicken to the house, this kind of The advantage is that the chicken is naturally returned to nature, the meat quality of the chicken is very good, the price is high, and the deficiencies are the need for the venue. Therefore, the feeding scale is limited, this method is suitable for farmers a small amount of sizzling.

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