How to feed the sows before the sow should be fed before and after the sow

Increase the sow price of sow, how to feed

1. Help the evil spirits, clear heat and detoxification, improve the body’s immunity, relieve immunosuppression, enhance the disease resistance of the body

2. Promote the estrus of the sow, improve the breeding rate and productivity of the sow, promote breast development, increase the function of postpartum lactation, qi blood, Fu Zhengqi

3. Improve the birth of piglets Heavy and neatness, promoting the recovery of maternal pigs, while improving the growth rate and survival rate of piglets, increasing the weight of the milk nest

4. Remove the poisonous effect of heavy metals to the immune system, restore normal healthy immunity of pigs Force

1. The effect of seeing

1. Seven days after seven days, pigs in the lives of pigs, respiratory symptoms such as breath, cough, etc.

2. After use 10 days, the pigs are immunized, the mental state is improved, the skin is bright, the hair is smooth, the eyes are clear

3. The tears of sows and pigs are gradually reduced

4. After health care, 10-20 mother pig neck back / Yi blood point significantly reduced or disappeared

5. The small pigs in the small pigs before and after weaned, the blood is surrounded by blood, and the blood is obviously reduced or disappeared

6. After weaning, the pig salad immunity is enhanced, reducing the occurrence of diarrhea, improving the survival rate of cultivation pigs, reducing problems such as thin, pale, gasping, slow growth

7. Sow The birth rate, the synergy of piglets and the survival rate of piglets will increase, significantly improve the immune status of the vaccine of pigs, and improve the immune response ability of pigs

How to improve the sow rate
Fourth, usage Dosage
Daily Health: This product 1 kg of mixture is 1000 pounds; during the onset, it can be used. The sow uses 10-15 days a month.
Note: Pure Chinese medicine antiviral preparations can be used with any antibiotics, vaccines, can be used during any period [packaging specifications] 1kg / bag * 12 bags / pieces
, ingredients Codonopsis , Forsythia, Astragalus, Blue root, hawthorn, tangerine peel, polyvilin, Bacillus subtilis

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