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Bean slag refers to the foot of the bean products such as tofu, soy milk, but because it contains three anti-nutrient factors: Tharain inhibitors, thyristor, thrombin three anti-nutrient factors, where trypsin inhibitors, it Can hinder the digestive absorption of pancreatic proteins in animals, causing diarrhea, affecting growth. Moreover, soy soybean slag is not easy to save, it is easy to change, and the pig’s feces will be more smelling after eating soy salad, and a large part of nutrients cannot be absorbed and utilized, causing unnecessary waste. If you ferment the bean slag fermentor, not only don’t be cooked, but also better feeding effects and advantages, how to ferment, how to do it?
1, with a good material, first, according to 0.2% of the weight of the material to be fermented, the feed starter is prepared, with fresh rice bran (Note: “rice bran” is not “harvest”, rice bran nutrition and breathability, old The rice bran or is poorly nutrient, which is unfavorable) dilute the fermentation agent in a ratio of 1: 5 to 10 (5 kg of fermentation aid per 1 kg).
Then, the straw is pulverized, adding about 5-15%, then adds 60% left and right softening, replacing the rice bran or corn flour, the proportion of rice bran, corn flour and bean slag can be appropriate according to the actual situation of the bean residual water. Adjustment. Finally, you can join the ready-made golden bean slag fermentor.
2, adjust the moisture to make the gold baby soybean feed starter with the material to be mixed with the material (in order to achieve a mixed measures), then add water, add water, pay attention to the additional, fast approaching When required (65%), slowly add, prevent the water over the amount, in case the water is over-load, the material is added to adjust the material.
The aqueous content is generally controlled between 60% and 65%. Its judgment is: If you can squeeze the water, it is not scattered, and the water content is greater than 75%, too dry too much wet, should be adjusted appropriately, please pay attention to correctly.
3, sealing fermentation fermentation vessels available: fermenter (suitable for special users, big households, feed mills), fermenter, fermented barrel (suitable for small households, retail,), fermented plastic bag (suitable for small households, retailholders) Wait. No matter which container is sealed. Endows can use double-layer plastic bags to ensure sealed fermentation. Be careful not to move your bag easily to avoid the break of your bag.
4,After the fermentation completed the sealed fermentation, after one to three days, there was a sprinkling, pay attention, not to casually open the bag, and immediately tighten it immediately.

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