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How to ferment the chicken manure fat water fish chicken manure is nutritious, with a dry substance of 26.46%, crude protein 8.17%, fat, 0.96%, no nitrogen, 3.86%, gray 5.2%, phosphorus 0.5 %, Potassium 0.4%, if feeding fish after fermentation, will become a good fish feed. However, raw chicken feces contain parasitic eggs and some toxic substances and pathogens, so you can’t feed fish directly with raw chicken manure (shrimp). It must be treated with professional microbial fermentation agents – Etiqueta-optic microbial organic fertilizers to be treated to become non-toxic and safe and environmentally friendly and nutritious feeds. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. Material ratio: 1 ton of fresh chicken manure, plus 1 pack of prodigal bacteria (200 grams / bag), for easy mixing, first A package of excellent informant and 1 kg of dry material (sawdust, corn, wheat bran, rice bran, etc.) mix well, then spread this, the dry material of the superficial grease is evenly sprinkled into a ton of chicken manure. Mix mix mix. Preferably, 25% straw or mushroom slag, adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio.
2, material buildings: I can’t do too little is too small when doing a pile, too small will affect the fermentation, the flat top stack height is 1.2 meters ~ 1.5 meters (the spidmy cone is 1.5 ~ 2 meters), width 2 ~ 2.5 meters, the length of the fermentation effect in length is more than 2 to 4 meters.
3, temperature requirements: starting temperature should be better above 15 ° C (four seasons can be homework, not affected by the weather temperature in the north and south season, during the winter or greenhouse to start fermentation, Northeast, etc. should be guided according to the technical staff Method starts fermentation).
4, water requirements. The moisture of the fermentation material should be controlled within 60%. Evergreen is not good for fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation; excessive water will result in poor ventilation, slow temperature, and produce odor. Adjustment of water moisture method: water can be added to a straw powder, mushroom slag, bran and other organic matter. Water is appropriate or not, judge the method: hand-fitting the material, see the watermark but not dripping, the land is scattered.
5, the flour of the pile of ventilation: the fermentation process pay attention to the right oxygen and reactor (temperature rises to 60 ~ 70 ° C or above, it is necessary to turn in time, when the weather is cold, the temperature in the pile reaches 45 degrees. Turning 1), generally need to turn up to 2 ~ 3 times), the temperature rise is around 65 ° C, and the temperature is too high.
6, the fermentation is completed. Generally in 10 daysThe fermentation is completed, the material is dark brown, the temperature begins to fall to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation is completed. Such as stalks, mushroom slag, excessive elseous elvere, should extend the fermentation time, to be fully decomposed.
In addition, in order to ensure that the fermentation effect is prohibited from being tested with a weight of 500 kg or less or less.

Feeding method (for you to refer):
The fermented chicken manure is crude, can be fed directly, and it can also be made into particle feed.
1, granulation: 38% fermentation trifuts crude feed, 35% grass bran (glutenrit), 25% green feed, 2% salt and additives, processed into granule feed.
2, feed: 8:00 in noon, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, each feeding is approximately 4% -6% of the fish weight (specific feeding and the number of feeding times according to the actual situation) Designation, for example: the size of the fish, the variety, the color of the water, the thin fertilizer of the original water, etc.). This method can also be applied to other animal feces.

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