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518 Farming Technology Network recently learned that the cultivar’s formula and configuration method for fox feed is not very familiar. Now, the following introduction is made:
(1) dried fish to feed the fox can occupy animal feed. 70%, so soaked in the first use of water. Dried salted dried fish should also be replaced by 2-3 times, take off excess salt to avoid salt poisoning.
(2) Hepatic slag has a higher protein, generally over 60%, due to not digestive absorption, and uses 25% of animal feed.
(3) Blood powder can be used to feed the fox, and the amount of administration is 20% -25% of animal feed, and the excess is prone to indigestion or diarrhea.
(4) Both silkworm pockets and silkworm pockets can feed the fox. Dosage accounts for 20% -30% of animal feed, and the amount of breeding period is less, and the bumper period and long-term winter months can be used.
(5) The feather powder has a protein up to 80%, but it is mainly a keratin protein, not digestion, usually in the fox as a feed addition ingredient, accounting for 1% -2% of animal feed.
(6) Throat, esophageal, trachea, can take advantage of 25% of animal feed. The glands should be removed during breeding.
(7) Animal blood-rich inorganic salt, fat and higher protein, but a laxative effect, using blood fox to account for 10% of animal feed. Blood can be born directly, Chen blood is going to be fed.
(8) Fish head, fish skeleton is the foot of the aquatic product processing plant, which can be used to fed cavity, and the amount can accounted for 30% of animal feed.
(9) The head of cattle and sheep, the leg nutrition value is poor, the bone is mainly, the diet can account for 20% of animal feed, and should be used with fresh fish or fish powder.
(10) River, river shrimp and other water products can also be used to fed cavity, and the amount can accounted for 20% of animal feed. River shrimp is not easy to digest, and the river shrimp is not easily digested, and the warm water is applied to feed.

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